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What is in the water in Italy? At the time of writing, I thought Alessia Labate was the best artist to come out of Italy and a great indication of what the nation had to offer in terms of Italian pop, however, not to take anything away, GIUNGLA may have taken that mantle with the release of her newest single ‘Turbulence‘.

With this song, GIUNGLA showcases a unique blend of silky vocals, and underlying flow of sublime electronics and overarching beats that create an other-worldly ecosystem of sound. While ‘Turbulence’ is essentially a love song at its core it also serves as a metaphor for making it through the hard times.

“Turbulence is about all the stuff around us that we can’t control,” GIUNGLA explains. “It’s about missing life out there, with its ups and downs.” What often feels like the scariest part of an experience is just part of the journey for this song. Sometimes you need to go through it, in order to keep flying.”

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