British artist Darling BOY has brought back a lot of nostalgia in one video, it is not hard to see why his newest single “Tea Drinkers of the World” is such a catchy jam, that will likely have you head bopping along.

As the title of this post states, this new single by Darling BOY pays homage to the era of 16-bit video games – remember a time when the Sega Genesis was the king of the console wars… or the Super Nintendo? This video and song as a whole showcases inclining of the past.

“I used to be a huge gamer as a kid and thought a classic 16-bit look would be a timely throwback to a more innocent, simple age, where a pandemic was something that happened on a busy kitchen-top,” Darling BOY explains. “Matt Hutchings who directed and animated the video was also a gamer and knew exactly where to take the concept.”

Although, Darling BOY’s new song is not all about gaming, underneath the bright, sparkle of video game sights and sounds, is a pretty solid rock anthem that showcases Darling BOY’s impeccable instrumentals and production. With that in mind, Darling BOY wanted to put something together that was a joy to look at, told a story and was festooned with colour to counteract these grey old times.

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