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At the beginning of 2020 German German artist Fish And Scale toured through Belgium and the Netherlands and his schedule was full of planned gigs throughout the year. All this was stopped in March by the pandemic and like all artists in the world he was forced to have a break.

However, as it is with all things in life, there are two sides to every coin. As for Fish and Scale, it was a pity that he couldn’t tour and that he had to cancel many cool gigs. On the other hand, the time-out gave him the time that he needed to produce his best music work so far.

Fish and Scale’s newest single “You Can Call Me LOVE” is the title of the album and also the first single. Fish and Scale can say clearly that HUS personal achievement in 2020 was the recording of that album.

“My plan for 2021 is to tour through the USA,” Fish and Scale tells Eat This Music. “Of course, everything is shut down yet, but I am sure in September, October things will be much better.” By the way, Fish and Scale has given his music project to the universe (in other words: He entrusted it to a higher power) so it can’t fail.

Last year Fish and Scale had to cancel some gigs in Tel Aviv: “I hope I can catch up on the concerts this year,” he continues. “I would love to visit Israel one day to see the epicenter of three major religions of the world.”

“Obviously the current global situation, especially as far as corona is concerned, does not leave me untouched,” Fish and Scale reveals to Eat This Music on how he is doing at the moment. “I’m well aware that for many people current events mean a lot of suffering and loss.”

Nevertheless, Fish and Scale just tries not to absorb too much negativity in his life. There are a lot of negative collective concepts at the moment. In fact, Fish and Scale tires to stay away from these unnecessary dark narratives. While it is important to be cautious, he believe that one should not let fear control one’s life.

“Most of the time I focus on my music and reliable, constructive relationships with my loved ones and friends.” — Fish and Scale on his life.

“It is the essence in us [people],” Fish and Scale reveals on his newest single. “When we are naked and pure, free from all collective narratives, from all our expectations of how life should be and all concepts in our mind, a deeper meaning shows up that we can call LOVE. The more we dive into this dimension, the more we feel happiness, love and the joy of simplicity. We realize that we are Life itself.”

The creative process, when writing, was very short for Fish and Scale. It actually took him only one day. Such an intense creative phase is always a blessing for someone like him. And it is always combined with tears.

“I call it a wonderful cry, Fish and Scale says. “There is no sadness, just pure overwhelming emotions, laughing and crying at the same time. When that happens, I know the song is a good one, because it comes from a deeper place in me.”

“Maybe this song could be an opener, a hint to a deeper dimension in us.” — Fish and Scale on what he would like listeners to take away from his song.

2021 looks to be a big year for Fish and Scale. He plans to release a second single before he launches the entire album shortly. Fish and Scale is very optimistic, and more and more he trusts the Ocean of Life, so he won’t swim anymore, he will ride the waves. “In other words: I trust that life will show me the right way,” Fish and Scale concludes.

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