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Two Legs is a songwriter / producer, who will be spending most of 2021 in the studio – and hopefully playing some gigs after summer if we are lucky!

At the moment, Two Legs is grateful for his health and the wellbeing of those who he loves. “I’m generally fluctuating between feelings of positivity such as these, and then just feeling really really pissed off with everything,” Two Legs expresses to Eat This Music. “It’s been a challenging time for sure, but I am thankful for being in good physical shape, especially having recovered from Covid a few months ago.”

Two Legs’ newest single ‘Angst’ is about realising the truth of your mortality, that your life is finite, and feeling wronged by this very fact.

“Obviously we all know we’re going to die at some point, but we rarely think about it too deeply, because it’s an unpleasant thing to think about,” Two Legs reveals about his newest single. “At the time when I wrote ‘Angst’, I couldn’t ignore it any more, and so I decided to give it some actual thought instead of burying it away, in order to try and make some positive sense of it.”

‘Angst’ does only focus on one perspective: As the first track on Two Legs’ upcoming EP, it focuses on the initial negative feelings you realise you’ve been born into an existence where your death is a necessity. There are however plenty of positive perspectives to mortality, which Two Legs focuses on more with the subsequent tracks on the EP.

“I swear it’s not all this bleak, just wait a couple of months until the rest of the EP is out, trust me…” — Two Legs on his upcoming EP.

“I had this demo that had been gathering dust in the dark murky depths of my ableton files, and it was just these cool ambient choir-style vocals, and a nice bass line,” Two Legs reveals on the creative process of his single. “I came back to it a year or two afterwards, and started developing the beat, the synths and creating the top-line vocal melodies.”

In fact, Two Legs wanted to build a really dreamy soundscape, with layers of pads and ambient sounds. Once Two Legs had this as a base, Two Legs developed the lyrics and fine-tuned the vocals from there. The subject matter is quite brutal, so Two Legs wanted to keep the lyrics honest and the vocal delivery candid.

Two Legs is quite prone to existential thoughts, and questioning the meaning of my life, so he completely put that part of himself into this song: “You can think about these things a bit too much to be honest, but I’d say it’s more harmful to completely ignore it all,” Two Legs adds.

“To be honest with yourself and to find your own way to come to terms with your ageing and your own mortality,” Two Legs states on what he would like listeners to take away from his song. “Don’t ignore the fact you’re going to die some day, but rather use it to add importance and urgency to the present moment.”

“Use it to ask yourself, am I doing the right things in this one and only life which I’ve been gifted? Are my everyday worries worth my time and energy, when I only have a limited time to enjoy life on this earth? — Two Legs on his new song.

Now that ‘Angst’ is out, Two Legs will be releasing two more singles from his upcoming EP in March and April, respectively, with the full release due out around May.

“Who knows how the pandemic situation will develop over the next twelve months, but regardless, I want to stay creative, make music, experiment with new sounds and styles, improve my production and mixing skills,” Two Legs continues. “I’ll also be getting my live set prepped so I’m ready to go when I can gig again.”

In general, Two Legs wants to do whatever he can to make the best out of the absolute shit sandwich we’ve been served up by Covid-19.

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