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For Swedish pop artist Gaeya, 2020 was both a challenging and exciting year. The plan was to play a lot of shows at the same time of releasing music, but instead, Gaeya had the possibility to focus all of her attention on creating and producing the content needed for her work online instead. 2020 was also a good year to Gaeya to step outside of her comfort zone.

“I’ve learned so much during last year that I will carry with me for a long time,” Gaeya tells Eat This Music. “Some of the things that have been new to me is creating music videos and performing online.”

Gaeya wasn’t a fan of online concerts to begin with, but since she started working on them the last few months, Gaeya come to like the process in the end. Gaeya dreamt for so long that 2020 would be the year when she debut her music and also start her podcast tellUs. It all happened, though, so that was a massive fulfilment for her personally.

Gaeya in 2021 is a very forward-thinking artist, hungry for creating and sharing more content. Gaeya also feels more confident with what she and her team are releasing and therefore, she Gaeya feels ready to raise the bar in order to develop “Gaeya” during 2021. You will see more of Gaeya’s work for mother nature and more direct contact with the things she does.

“As soon as it’s okay to play shows again we will stand ready with our Tipi Tour to meet the audience again. I can’t wait for that to happen. — Gaeya on her hopes for 2021.

“I’m doing fine, of course we feel it’s a bit difficult with not playing any shows at the moment,” Gia explains. “It’s a bit of a challenge economically as it is for most artists right now. But challenges are what drive me to be more creative and solution-driven.” In fact, Gaeya tries to see the possibilities for what new and innovative ideas she could come up with to share her message and core value to like-minded souls.

Gaeya’s five-track EP ‘Awakening’ symbolises the journey we as humans make when we come to a point in life where we need to start listening to ourselves and to what we truly value in life. “When we feel lost, stressed or confused we tend to lock ourselves up in distractions when actually what we have to do is to accept and see what is coming our way,” Gaeya expands on the notion of the EP.

“Not judging ourselves but try to be open to understand what our body and emotions are trying to tell us,” she continues. “Once we start listening to that “gut-feeling” or inner voice ‘Contact’ is made and from there we can start to explore the ‘Truth’ inside of ourselves.”

“When we’ve realized the potential and power we have inside and how we can use it to create good. That’s when ‘Awakening’ occurs.” — Gaeya on the story of her EP.

“Yea I think so, I like to focus on the development of life,” Gaeya reveals on the initial process of her EP. “To give people hope and inspiration to be themselves fully. And I think that this EP represents that.”

For Gaeya, the connection to oneself is also a way of connecting with the earth and the other way around. We are a part of the ecosystem and when people start to realise that then you don’t want to do things that are harmful to the planet because, in the end, it will harm you too. People need to give back to the earth in order to receive and Gaeya hopes that you can feel that in her music too.

Normally when Gaeya and her team write music, it is often Gaeya and her co-pilot and producer Anders Rane who does it. It often starts with Anders playing some chords on the grand [piano] or some [lovely] analog synth, which Gaeya then comes up with the song whilst improvising. Gaeya expands, “I usually get a feeling straight away from what the song wants to tell and then it’s my job to try to translate it into melody and words. Many times the song writes itself from start to finish.”

Gaeya really love to be in the “zone” while creating and she likes to let the music lead it to what the song wants to be without trying to control it. Quite often the message of a song has been with Gaeya for a while and when it’s ready it’s easier for Gaeya to translate it down to the music and words that her feelings have been telling her. It might sound crazy, but that’s how Gaeya likes to create.

Influence for Gaeya can come from so many places but definitely it comes from her own experiences too. Combined with the things she sees happening in society and with many people in general. “I think many humans around the world today feel a bit stressed or confused with a lot of things,” Gaeya continues. “Therefore I believe that it’s even more important that we show each other that it’s okay and that we are here to support each other in difficult times no matter our similarities or differences. I hope that our music can bring some influence to someone that might need it.”

Gaeya’s favourite song on the EP is ‘Tide For The Change’ because it gives hope for a better future with a whole and a healthy earth. “I think it is so important that we remind ourselves of how we want things to look like and feel that it’s true and that we can achieve anything we want if we just believe,” Gaeya explains. “It’s easy that we get caught up in the problems and misery of the world at this time but to put our focus on the things we want to see in life is really what is making the change possible.”

Although, Gaeya also likes ‘Truth’, because it gives Gaeya a little bit of that freedom feeling and energy kick people could need at times.

“I would like to say, put your focus on the things that are positive in your life and on those things you would like to see created,” Gaeya says. “Try to be positive without pushing away feelings that might be important to listen to. If we all would focus on creating good for the world, small and big doesn’t matter, the change can come quick.”

Gaeya is also the type of person that wants you to believe in yourself and be humble to others. Earth is our common home and our only home. Together people can really make a difference and let this planet be the thriving paradise it is meant to be.

“We still have the release for our acoustic EP ‘Awakening: Reborn’ left, that one will come sometime in the spring,” Gaeya reveals on what she has coming next. “Now we will continue to write new music and then of course we will continue our tellUs podcast having some really exciting guests for this year too.”

Gaeya will also continue to work on releasing new music and as soon as people are allowed, she will go back to playing shows. The tipi tour is ready for kicking off but Gaeya and her team are also crossing their fingers for the festivals to happen too.

“We will develop the platform more and work more directly with the earth and there will come an organic shop too. Lots of exciting things are happening this year and I can’t wait to start it all,” Gaeya concludes in our chat.

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