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SA.MAY in 2020 also known as Sammy was a songwriter, DJ, music producer and singer based in Sydney’s northern beaches. In 2020 SA.MAY also released a single (Easier), which was the first song she had released in nearly three years, and as everything was changing with COVID, SA.MAY wanted to let others know it does get ‘easier’, it felt like the right time to release it for SA.MAY.

Although, Some of SA.MAY’s personal achievements in 2020 were learning to meditate every night and moving into a new home which gave her the creative space she needed to produce more music and that was personally game changing for her.

In 2021 though, SA.MAY is super excited to write, produce lots of new music and hopefully play some live shows when it is safe to do so! “It has been super tough for anyone in the music industry, but I want to stay positive and keep writing new music to release throughout the year,” SA.MAY tells Eat This Music.

Following on from the release of that aforementioned ‘Easier’ single in 2020, SA.MAY has returned with her newest single ‘Something‘, a song which is about stepping into a new relationship, everything is new and exciting – drawn from SA.MAY’s own personal experiences.

SA.MAY’s new song came together pretty quickly, It started with the one lyric “I guess I had a heart attack” along with the guitar chords. “I loved how Tiger added strings into the song which took it to a new level,” SA.MAY reveals. “Everything I write about usually comes from my own personal experiences, this song in particular is something I went through and wanted to write about.”

“Something is about any new chance that may come your way and to take a risk on it.” — SA.MAY on what she would like listeners to take away from her new single

SA.MAY continues, “I am planning on releasing some more singles this year, hopefully the next one in the next few months so stay tuned.”

SA.MAY does have prospects for 2021 though, which are to continue to write new music, collaborate with other artists and hopefully play some live shows.

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