2020 was the year Cat and the Queen did lots of things! The Canadian artist wrote an album, she cut out alcohol (recovery town), she got (more) over a tough break up, she kicked up her relationship with practice and with play – she also made some killer projects with people (like music videos).

Who was on your “Must Listen To” List at the start of 2020?

Wow – probably super old and classic – like Fleetwood Mac and CCR and Rolling Stones and Kate Bush and Sinead O’Connor and Pink Floyd…

Has that list changed in the previous 12 months?

I’ve tried to expand my music knowledge to new artists – more attuned to what people and friends are listening to – cultivating more of a range and exploration in the tunes I’m taking time with.

What type of new artists/bands have you discovered in 2020?

Oh la la – yes yes yes – Salt // Kat Frankie // Perfume Genuis // FKA Twigs (finally) // Beach Boys (even more finally).

What were your guilty pleasure songs or albums in 2020?

Oh boy – gotta say – Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa. I don’t even know if I’d call ‘em guilty. Just some dirty break up pop anthems were my serious jam.

Which song, or songs, of yours in 2020 would you recommend and why?

Ya know – the classic original version of Blades of Grass – seems like it fits – “I’ll see you when we’re blades of grass…when we’re caribou…and I will still love you then…” Seems appropriate in these times of necessary distance taking we remember that it won’t be forever and that this love we have for each other will continue – even if it looks different than it did before… does that make sense?

What keeps you making music?

Why else are we living than to make things and share things and process things and explore things – for me it happens to be in the medium of song making. But anyway we can express ourselves in this tough town time, I’m down. Any way we can communicate, commune and connect – and music is the way for me.

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