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romæo is everything she wants to be right now. romæo is unapologetic and unafraid, romæo is bold and proud, but romæo is also sensitive and vulnerable. In 2020 romæo is only a newborn; she is all of these things and none of them at once.

“I’m volatile, but I think I always was, and this year just made it more apparent,” romæo expresses to Eat This Music. “Moving between optimism and hopelessness can be exhausting.”

Following on from the release of ‘Revealed‘ in July, the Sydney artist has followed up with a music video for her newest single titled ‘stare’, a song that came about as a musing on the things one does to attract one’s crush. “Of course, my attempts at passive seduction failed,” romæo tells Eat This Music, “so I then kinda wondered what would happen if my online stalking turned into real life stalking (for the record, at no point did I stalk this person or anyone for that matter).”

This new single is actually quite different to what romæo initially set out to make. The first iteration of ‘stare’ was an acoustic guitar folk-style ballad. romæo cherry picked certain lines and ideas from that original demo and then applied them to a beat she had been working on. “So I actually came up with the melody and instrumental for the track separate to the lyrics, which is quite unusual for me,” romæo continues. “But I think that was what made it so wacky.”

“I was playing around with a chord trigger plug in for the first time, which created the harmony of the verse. I wanted to be out of my comfort zone and write a somewhat unintuitive melody,” romæo reveals on the creative process. “I then made the arpeggiator you hear in the chorus and accidentally made it in an unconventional time signature.”

“This turned out to be a happy accident. Making the trap beat was definitely the most fun part of the process, to be honest its one of those beats I can’t even remember making.” romæo on her new single, ‘stare’.

“I just smashed it out in one sitting and I wish I could hone in on whatever level I was on in that moment,” romæo continues. “I then basically designed the lyrics around the track, cutting and pasting lines and ideas from the initial demo.”

As shown visually, this song is a dramatization of romæo’s own life. “I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to impress people who I thought were ‘cool’ and seek some sort of approval or validation,” romæo reveals. “In retrospect, most of the time these people were not even worth my effort, and my subsequent disappointment when they paid no attention.” However, with that said, romæo wanted this song to capture the self-centric obsession you feel when trying to attract someone. How every look, every movement seems to be some sort of silent message. When put like that, romæo guesses it’s a song about overthinking.

The music video (directed by Olivia Costa) accompanies the song better than romæo could’ve imagined. Seeing the final product of the video actually brought out elements and moods of the song romæo hadn’t even yet discovered herself. As she explains, “The video paints me as both the stalker and the stalked, which I think actually perfectly embodies what I was trying to capture lyrically. It also really illustrates the ‘creepiness’ that I feel can kind of get lost when listening to the song alone. I love how the editing works with the beat and rhythm of the track.”

“I’m just about to start mixing my next single which will be out early next year, followed by an EP,” romæo reveals on what she has coming up. “I’m also quietly working on a larger, conceptual body of work but this will be a long process… I’m very excited.”

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