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Lillian Blue Makin is an 18-year-old alternative Hip Hop artist out of Canada and she has returned with her third single of 2020, “Golden Lies“, which comes off her debut EP, due out for release early 2021!

Working with co-producers Adam King, Miles Jones on the project, with additional vocals by Mighloe, “Golden lies” sees Lillian explore the themes of young love, personal evolution, and identity all within this song.

Speaking on the creation of the song, Lillian reveals that this is, in fact, her favourite song thus far. “To me it is a story of deliberation, of not being able to face the truth, no matter what that truth is,” she explains. “At times the truth holds so much weight, much more than a lie, even if the truth is something I want to hear.”

The birds in the track are a voice memo Lillian took in the countryafter nights without sleep. “They are not only one of the simplest components of the track, but one of my favourites, they juxtaposed the driving beat, and they allow listeners to think with me, to hear my truth riddled with deliberation,” she continues.

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