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As a musician, Anthony Sabatino (aka Moose With A Scarf) is always looking for fun and interesting new ideas to pursue. Recently, Anthony decided that if an idea comes into his head and he things, “I wish that existed,” instead of just being disappointed it doesn’t exist, Anthony would go out and find the right people to help him make it a reality. “I am always a big fan of collaborating,” Anthony tells Eat This Music, “which I believe is why I am so drawn to film and game music as well, because you get the opportunity to work with a team to create such an exciting work of art that can excite and inspire an audience to hopefully then create more fun and exciting works.”

Anthony recently became a father, and it has given him a whole new depth to his work, because he is not just making music on a lark with a quest for career success, but is also working to provide for his family and his daughter’s future. It certainly is a good motivator when you have someone to work to provide for.

Most of Anthony’s work is remote, so not much has changed other than more zoom calls rather than meetings in coffee shops and tea houses for him during the Coronavirus pandemic. “My main goal during all of this is to try to support those who are being affected the most with my business or donations,” Anthony reveals.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Anthony reveals that he had an idea of some form, structure, and vibe, “I mostly just needed to put it all together,” he says. “I wanted the song to be kinda over the top and quirky, but not strictly a “comedy” song.” From there, Anthony wanted the main hook to be heavy and have some swagger, but also kindy campy. The most important part of the song was the vocal bit of saying “I am Moosebot.” Anthony needed to make sure that line landed and felt so perfect that you couldn’t possibly believe Moosebot could sound any different. Anthony did tons of different takes, but I found it felt best when I recorded the vocal snippet at half speed, and then time compressed it back to the actual tempo. Anthony thinks he ended up using something like 4 different voice modulator instances, just to get the timbre just right.

“As a composer I am always trying to create music that I would want to listen to, or something that would get me hyped or excited,” Anthony continues in our chat about his newest single. “I’m not just a creator of music, but I am a fan, and there is nothing better than experiencing your favorite song for the first time.”

“That’s what I strive for when I am composing, and that’s what I was going for when creating both this song and the concept of Moosebot, something fun and goofy that can get people excited.” — Anthony Sabatino on the release of his new single.

“Something that can open up your mind to new possibilities, while also making you go, “Wait, what did I just hear/see?,” Anthony continues.

“I just thought the idea sounded goofy and interesting, and I think people will think the same,” Anthony expresses on why he used a Moose. “With the growing popularity of virtual pop stars, hologram artists, and AI composers, I thought there has got to be space for a goofy Robot DJ with a moose head!”

Over the past 9 months or so Anthony has been working on developing a music related app with a friend that they are hoping to have released by December. “I’ve also begun working on a new album that I am hoping to have completed before summer of next year,” Anthony additionally reveals on what he has coming up next. Other than that, just working on getting the word out about Moosebot, and hopefully when things start opening up more, he can start playing some shows!”

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