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Bianca Ivoria is a singer, songwriter, busker, actress and low key admirer of anyone who’s in the comedy circuit. “During isolation I learned that most people are simply trying to survive being human in 2020,” Bianca reveals to Eat This Music. “I realised that I also fall into that majority. I doubt myself and feel lost one moment… then feel full of confidence and direction the next.”

However, what has kept Bianca grounded and sane through this time is getting creative outside of her comfort zone and journaling each day. “I’ve been messing around with the drums, harmonica, baking, painting, sketch writing and acting over lockdown,” she continues. “It’s been a sweet surprise to rediscover my creativity isn’t just limited to songwriting.” In fact, Bianca really feels these other outlets add to the sauce when she sits down to write a song. It’s a peaceful escape and nothing beats that buzz you get from having created something.

“”I really encourage anyone reading this, to pick up something creative you used to love doing as a kid or dare to try something you’ve always wanted to be good at. It’s really good for the soul,” Bianca continues.

Recently Bianca released her debut single ‘Spicy Deluxe’, a song that Bianca tells Eat This Music is all fun, and about lust and discovering in the moment. “It’s a song for those who are spying someone irresistible across the dance floor, the ones who reminisce on those dreamy nights and the committed lovers who still feel butterflies 10 years on,” she says.

Spicy Deluxe was one of 50 raw original songs Bianca uploaded to my YouTube channel. The tone and message of the song stayed the same throughout the creative process. It was all about taking it to the next level through production. Bianca is really happy with how it evolved. In fact, she wanted a groove and a mood with a playful, seductive vibe. I think it got there and some more!

“The idea actually came to me when I was messing around with my boyfriend one weekend,” Bianca reveals on the process of the single. “We were trying to make each other laugh with silly voices. Out of nowhere the line “Gimme some of that lovin” just came out.” The second it left Bianca’s lips, she knew it had to go into a song. That line seriously makes her laugh.

“So I knew I couldn’t take the lyrics or tone of the song too seriously. I sat at our upright piano and found a Latin swing and went from there. It all happened pretty quickly.” — Bianca Ivorie on the creative process of her debut song.

“Probably because I gave myself the freedom to let go. It may sound corny, but I laughed, danced and wrote my way through it. It was a pretty fun writing session,” Bianca continues on the process of her debut.

Bianca will often write a song drawing from multiple experiences. She was inspired by her earlier years, going out and meeting guys at clubs/ bars/ the supermarket… anywhere really. “I was always on the lookout for a cute guy to crush on, it was almost exhausting [laughs],” she reveals. “But I also did write it from how I’m feeling with my boyfriend now. He’s my muse!”

“I’m going to keep taking risks like Spicy Deluxe and continue mixing genres with pop music,” Bianca reveals on what she has coming up next. “Try and keep it fresh.” Bianca will also be releasing a follow up single and an EP in the early half of 2021. She has got the songs and is continuing to write more each week. It’s down to production now. In the meantime, you’ll probably find me busking in the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne,” Bianca continues.

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