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MELA-D are two young indigenous and Melanesian women who are starting the journey of becoming Australian artists. Shavinah and Sari both grew up in the small town of Bourke in western New South Wales and together have now relocated to Rockhampton, Queensland in Australia. MELA-D are in fact related by blood and have essentially been side by side since birth.

“Having created our debut single ‘State of Mind’, MELA-D in 2020 is just a glimpse of what is to come,” the duo express to Eat This Music at the top of our chat about their debut single. “We want to continue to create music for our family, friends and individuals to vibe to.” Although, the current climate has been quite frustrating for MELA-D, considering COVID-19 and their current occupations. However, in saying that, MELA-D have overcome many obstacles along the way, and it has shaped them to become resilient and committed as artists. The current climate has helped Shavinah and Sari prioritise and gain the skill of time management.

MELA-D’s debut single, ‘State of Mind’, is about how they are not yet successful, but plan to be one day, and the only way they can do this is through their state of mind. “We believe that in order to achieve success, your state of mind has to first be in the right place,” MELA-D reveal. “The lyrics of ‘State of Mind’ express how the people who are with us now will be with us when we reach success and where we want to be in life. If you are with us now, then you will be with us then.”

The creative process for ‘State of Mind’ started when MELA-D both heard the beat and instantly knew they had to write a song. “After 2 hours of song writer’s block, something finally clicked and before we knew it, we were 10 hours deep into the writing and recording process. However, the writing process of State of Mind was much different to our usual song writing process,” they reveal on the creative process. “Instead of writing together, we were separated into different rooms to write our own verses and chorus for the song.”

“We decided to make this debut because it’s a song that gets a message across loud and clear. As new artists we wanted to create a song that could relate to our family and friends. –MELA-D on the release of their debut single.

“We decided to release our song now because we were ready to step up into the music industry and show the world our talent,” MELA-D continue.

“We have created a second song for you all, but we will be releasing it early next year,” MELA-D tell Eat This Music on what they have coming up next. Although, at the same time, MELA-D are continuing to work on writing new songs because they love music and it is an awesome way to connect with people. “We haven’t found a certain type of genre that we like, but you can expect to hear more of MELA-D throughout the years ahead,” MELA-D conclude in our chat.

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