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“Ooft what a question,” Simo Soo expresses at the top of our chat about their EP, “I Feel Weird“. “Think I’m just a person doing their best to take care, check in with friends and make lots of music.”

Right now, Simo is definitely doing a lot better though. Feeling much less anxious, even having moments of feeling happy as a treat. Earlier this year though, not so much. Simo has tried to stay in a routine as much as possible through COVID. Even though they haven’t always worked, they did manage to keep up meditating every day and learn Spanish, which has helped keep them grounded and occupied between the intense bouts of worry. “Also I read a whole bunch of books and did lots of push ups,” Simo reveals.

“It’s about my own experiences this year during Melbourne’s lockdown, all the anxiety and loneliness and boredom and longing and realisations that came with that,” Simo reveals on their newest EP. Although, there is some occasional light moments in there though and it does get a bit horny and goofy at times (“It’s Cool, We’re Housemates“).

Simo truly believes they have got this EP down pretty good, even though they didn’t expect it to have moments of lightness and calm in there as well. Simo explains: “Going into it I was just like ‘this is gonna be rouuuuuugh’.”

“At the start of lockdown in March I made about 5 beats a day as a way of getting my mind off things and just to create for the sake of creating,” Simo reveal on the creative process. “At one point it just turned into make all the beats for an album for myself.”

From there, Simo got all the beats together, announced a release date three weeks in the future and started recording all the vocals in an unused filthy shed on a rooftop. “Purposely not cleaning up the shed to just really soak up all the grossness of this year. Pretty sure there was lots of spiders in there,” Simo continues.

This EP was originally going to be an album but Simo ended up cutting it in two parts and give themself some more time to work on the second half. Part 2 will be out before the end of the year though, so stay tuned.

“Oh the whole thing. It’s all about me or interactions I’ve had with others [laughs]. I think is best heard all the way through, is only lil 15 minute blast. Every song is my fave.” — Simo Soo on the release of their EP.

Making music is just what Simo likes to do, they don’t really know how to do anything else. “Also, perhaps a personal reason was to prove to myself that I could still drop music during such wild stressful ass times and hey I diiiid,” Simo says. On a side note, I went through Simo Soo’s discography on Spotify and found a pretty cool collaboration with KUCKA titled “Lyf“, that is worth checking out too! I hope you like it as much as I do.

Right now, Simo is working on the second half of ‘I Feel Weird’, they think it will feature another five tracks. Also, Simo is producing a few records for others that they can’t talk on just yet, but Simo assures me that those records are sounding so gooooood.

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