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I first came across NYNE back in June 2016 when she released, ‘Bad Trip‘, subsequently playing it on radio. Since then, NYNE was featured two more times in February 2018 and March 2020 on Eat This Music respectively. Although, while NYNE did go on to release many tracks and collaborative singles through the years, I was personally oblivious as to what the Australian artist was up to as of late, so I was ecstatic to get a listen of her debut EP, ‘Season One‘, which is now out, and have a chat about the inners of her project.

NYNE has always been the Melbourne artist’s shadow self. NYNE is the playground she can let her mind run around freely in. “I’m pretty good thank you,” NYNE tells Eat This Music. “This whole year for everyone has just been such an emotional roller coaster so staying creative has been a blessing.”

NYNE’s ‘Season One’ doesn’t have a specific theme, all of the songs of the EP are all written at different points from NYNE’s perspective. “Maybe it does have a theme but I’m too close to see it,” NYNE reveals.

“It actually exceeded what I thought I wanted,” NYNE reveals on the creation of her EP. “Originally all the songs and production were different… It’s just cool for me personally cause I know at the start of the process of writing I was being super guarded but with all current songs I’m openly being a lesbian artist and I didn’t think I would ever do that.”

All of NYNE’s songs start with her writing, writing and producing all by herself in her very own mini studio, and if she is not producing it herself, she will then usually have a good idea on who is going to kill that sound or feeling NYNE is aiming for.

“This EP really was about finding the right pieces and certain songs took years too finish so it really is the right time and person for all of them – when it’s right it moves really fast and just cliques.” — NYNE on the creation of her debut EP.

This EP is very reflective on NYNE’s own life, in fact, she tells Eat This Music that she can really time stamp different moments with these seven songs. “When I originally typed this answer it started looking like a Harry Potter chapter,” she continues in our chat about her debut EP.

“All of them [smiles],” NYNE tells Eat This Music on which songs she would recommend to listeners. “They are all my babies,” however, NYNE does have a favourite, and most of the time it would be “What’s Going On” with HAMLEY. NYNE explains: “[…] it just feels good! I wrote it last year and it was one of the newer ones for this project I’m really proud of it.”

This EP is something NYNE has wanted to have for a long time and it took a minute for all the pieces to come together per se. As this is an independent release for NYNE it has been a big learning experience, but she is glad that she did it this year.

“I’ve pretty much finished the next one [EP] + heaps of features that I’m really excited about,” NYNE tells Eat This Music on what she is working on next. “Hopefully I can do a bunch of shows as well.”

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