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LAOISE (pronounced Lee-sha) in 2020 is much calmer than what LAOISE would imagine LAOISE in 2019 would have been, respecially with everything that’s going on right now. “I guess that’s down to being more comfortable with myself and accepting change rather than running away from it. LAOISE in 2020 is healthy,” LAOISE tells Eat This Music.

“I’m doing okay,” the Irish pop artist expresses. “I’ve luckily escaped Dublin city for Ireland’s west, and I’m living on a beach for the winter. It’s lashing right now, but it’s offering a lot of inspiration.”

LAOISE is a relatively new face within the Ireland music scene. Although, in general, the music scene in Ireland is so varied and full of many different talents. “It’s a really exciting place to be in in the last 3 or 4 years,” LAOISE explains. Although, LAOISE is painfully missing gigs though, and it is hard not to see fans, or see other artists doing their thing.

Following on from the release of her 2019 EP, ‘Mad‘, LAOISE has returned with her first single of 2020 titled, ‘Healthy’, a song that sees her explore the theme of the feeling you get when you know you don’t have to put on a show for the sake of someone else.

“Existing and being with that someone – be it a romantic relationship, a friend, or even yourself – you know you don’t have to ‘perform’ or act a certain way to feel accepted,” LAOISE tells Eat This Music on the story of her newest single. “It sounds simple now, but that’s something that complicates my life quite often.”

In fact, LAOISE, herself, has a very vivid imagination, and often catches herself creating certain scenarios in her mind, thinking something might go one way if LAOISE says the ‘right’, ‘smart’ or ‘impressive’ thing. “Once I realised I was doing this a lot – thanks therapy! – I wrote Healthy,” LAOISE continues in our chat.

This song came together quite quickly for LAOISE: “I work with Seán Behan a lot, and he showed me a simple synth and drum loop he liked,” LAOISE reveals on the creative process of the single. “I loved it, and ended up singing the topline over the track almost instantly.” From there. LAOISE knew LAOISE wanted the lyrics to stand out and say a lot in a short amount of time – similar to how her brain feels a lot of the time – so LAOISE was euphoric when the two of them cracked the chorus hook.

So much of LAOISE’s own life played in the creation of this single. LAOISE reveals to Eat This Music that LAOISE as been in therapy for the last year and LAOISE really loved it. “It’s a space where I can be brash and bold and not have to worry about the repercussions of speaking my mind,” LAOISE explains. “Now, that energy is making its way down into my songwriting more than ever.”

“I also wrote this in the middle of lockdown, which I wasn’t expecting, because I almost felt like I wasn’t going to ‘make the most’ of the pandemic – which is such crap.” — LAOISE on the creation of her newest single.

“I think I wanted to feel some sense of purpose in all of it, but I realised that was something that wasn’t serving me. So it’s nice that you can hear that idea of ‘just existing because that’s good enough for now’ in the track,” LAOISE continues.

In the last year, LAOISE wrote a handful of songs that she loved, and ‘Healthy’ was the last one of that bunch. LAOISE expands on the aforementioned: “I initially was going to release a different song, but when I realised how difficult it’s been to manage mental health in the last couple of months, I thought it was a message I needed to share with others.” Afterwards, LAOISE came to that conclusion and said to herself ‘the sooner we get this out the better’, essentially LAOISE is just excited about her release.

“I have a body of work I’ve been holding on to for the last while,” LAOISE revealas on what she has coming up soon, “so I’m going to be sharing that with the world very soon.”

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