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Having reached a level in his writing, MC Pyrit, out of North Queensland, is happy that 2020 has become the year he has turned his attention to creating an album, learning how to use social media and putting time and money into marketing his brand.

“I made a conscious effort to find opportunity amid the chaos,” MC Pyrit tells Eat This Music, “since I couldn’t perform I have used this time to create content and learn more about marketing and social media.”

Up until this year, MC Pyrit’s process was always working on writing and freestyling his music, then once every few months he would go to an open mic or hiphop event and perform a verse or two, bring the house down, then disappear like dynamo, the song bounce encompasses that vibe.

“The way I created BOUNCE was stitching together punchlines from versus I had written and performed previously at open mic nights and hip hop events which got a good crowd reaction,” MC Pyrit tells Eat This Music on the creative process of the single.

“My life as an emcee and the struggle of perfecting my craft to the level its at now is the essence of BOUNCE.” — MC Pyrit on the creation of ‘BOUNCE’.

‘Bounce’ comes off the release of MC Pyrit’s upcoming LP titled ‘Unspoken Sentiment’, however, prior to that official release, MC Pyrit will be releasing a brand new single titled ‘Another Night’, so stay tuned for that.

“Listeners can expect a versatile body of work in the subject matter from song to song as well as the writing structure, timing and overall energy from start to finish,” MC Pyrit concludes in our chat.

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