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Red Moon is still in the midst of placing and discovering itself on earth. 2020 has been a unique year to birth music especially during a pandemic. Red Moon sees this as one of the most interesting opportunities humans have to reflect and get to know what truly is important to us and practice more empathy and humanity. In these uncertain times, it particularly is meaningful to create something that makes you feel something, whatever mood that might be. Music and dancing have definitely been a great outlet/relief for Red Moon.

“I think I am like many practising patience right now and trying to find new ways or ideas to make sense of things,” Red Moon, the Norwegian pop artist tells Eat This Music. “I feel lucky to have nature around me and a little home studio, to get more into production.” Red Moon started out writing alone on her piano, and recently years ago began to work with producers and songwriters. From having been able to work with several people the last four years to playing around with sounds and styles, COVID has been a new way for Red Moon to revisit her writing. “Only now I can reach out to a few when I have ideas or questions,” she adds, “I really miss performing live shows and can’t wait to cook something really special when it’s possible to play again.”

Red Moon’s ‘Phase I:XI’ serves as a first chapter: Like a moon cycle, Red Moon believes there are various cycles, seasons and lessons within people that they are going through. “I:XI stands for the magical number 1:11,” she reveals about the name. “Over the last few years, I’ve ruminated on the meaning behind numbers, dreams, symbols, different stages of life and different types of connections with people. And how it all comes down to human connection and empathy, and why that is the most valuable thing we have.”

“With Phase I:XI, I wish to explore and continue the search and curiosity for further chapters.” — Red Moon on the inspiration of her EP.

“Absolutely, and I think so much more than I have expected. The songs mean a great deal to me, and I think they are growers,” Red Moon reveals on the creation of her EP.

The whole process of this EP has been quite long and a bit more complex, especially when you include Dogma and Dreamer from Phase I:XI. “Both songs were finished two years ago, and then I went through a change of team,” Red Moon reveals to Eat This Music. “The new collaboration started a whole new wave of inspiration to write new music.” In fact, Red Moon feels really lucky to have found her team and people that understand where she wants to go with her music. “For me last year has been when I was able to figure out which songs would make sense for each other as a concept,” she continues, “which led to Phase I:XI, and how this should only be the beginning of many chapters.” Red Moon envisioned her chapters the way a perfume is made; it has different scent bases that make a new fragrance. So in the end her EP is a collection of different stories. “Some are heavier and some are lighter. I’d love to enjoy and encourage myself in different directions musically and let my voice and stories be the red thread,” Red Moon tells Eat This Music.

The songs on the EP are mainly inspired by the things that either happened in Red Moon’s life, or what happens around her. Red Moon rarely makes a fictional story or just a conceptual one. “I take inspiration from several people, dreams, mythologies and metaphors,” she reveals, “But I am learning that it’s important to be able to feel the message in the story.” Some songs on the EP are really personal for Red Moon and she likes to keep details to herself and let people decide what they see and feel through her music.

“I’d recommend all of my songs to the listeners [smiles],” Red Moon expresses to Eat This Music on which songs she would recommend to listeners. However, it depends on what you want or need in your life at this very moment. “Perhaps they want to explore questions to the world and oneself through ‘Dogma’ and ‘Medusa’,” Red Moon continues, “a journey through despair and hope with my anthem ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Orchids’.” Or maybe you’re looking to let go of something and someone dear to you before it’s gone, Red Moon recommends ‘Dissolve’. Or with the last track by laying in the grass whilst just existing in the present with ‘Slow Down’.

As much as Red Moon has a love for albums, she finds releasing songs with shorter distances and a smaller bundle allows listeners to get to known each song more as individual ones. “Right now this digital set up makes a lot of sense, but I am looking forwards to see my music pressed on vinyl later,” Red Moon says.

Red Moon is currently working on her next chapter, whatever that may be. “I already have an idea on what it’ll be about and some of the songs I want to put on there. I’m really excited for what will come,” Red Moon concludes in our chat.

Red Moon’s ‘Phase I:XI’ is now out via Decca Records.

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