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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from alternative trio Calva Louise and their song ‘Trial‘ is a visual chaotic ride that sees their front woman, Jess, run amongst a projection of lightning and meteorites. This high impact song showcases the band’s connective work on their respective instruments, while additionally giving enough time for Jess to let her vocals take charge over this highly energetic, non-stop thrill ride.

Serving as the band’s second release of 2020, this stunning video was actually filmed by the band while they were in lockdown on an iPhone, with Jess adding in her own animation, which features lots and lots of running over that intense backdrop of lightning and meteorites. Speaking on the visual concept of the music video, Jess explains that a storm of lightning and meteorites points to wanton destruction per se.

“A person runs carefree and fearless until she finds her own image trapped in a holographic false reality, becoming aware that she is inside a human-scale video game where her capacity for submission is put to the test.” — Jess on the music video.

“Upon realizing that all of the aforementioned is a projection, the game ends. Only confusion could induce her to restart the trial, unless she dares to break out of that sordid game,” Jess concludes.

Towards the end of the music video, the lyrics start being translated in Spanish, and even though I do not understand Spanish, it fits well within the soundscape of the music video itself! Calva Louise are an incredible band and I have been enjoying their music ever since coming across ‘Belicoso‘ in August 2019.

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