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Berne are an Earth-pop duo making music to inspire better care for our planet. “Our songs reflect current issues of the climate emergency, diversity and the refugee crisis, and animal rights, while instilling hope for the future,” the duo tell Eat This Music. Berne believe that they are in charge of the future and that together they can make a real difference.

Berne tell Eat This Music that they are doing well – despite having to deal with the extreme levels of uncertainty in the world right now. “We’ve kept ourselves really busy over the past few months,” they continue in our chat about their debut EP ‘STAY‘, “which has helped to keep us on track. But we do find ourselves grieving the loss of life as we knew it!”

Berne’s Stay is a reflection of what keeps the duo up at night. The EP is a collection of singles including climate emergency anthems ‘Stay‘ and ‘Heat‘, animal rights tune ‘To The Lions‘ and refugee crisis song ‘Oceans‘ in its original and acoustic versions. “It comes at a time when humans need to work together towards common goals more than ever,” Berne explain to Eat This Music. In fact, Berne really believe that small changes will collectively make a big impact and that is the common thread in all the songs.

“We are inspired by society and the environment and want our music to be a vehicle for creating change in our planet.” — Berne on their their debut EP

“As individuals, we feel encouraged to question the status quo and often think about the impact our actions have on our planet. Naturally, this made its way into our songs,” Berne continue.

When Berne first released music in September last year, they weren’t planning to release their debut EP a year later. However, they told themselves that they would test the waters and that mindset allowed them to experiment with their songwriting and production.

“We write the music and lyrics of a song at our instruments and then begin to produce it and simultaneously experiment with how we’d perform it in a live show,” Berne add. “When we’re almost completely happy with the demo, we start recording the final takes, allowing for the song to take shape whilst recording.” As Berne continue on the creative process of their EP, they reveal that the last parts to go in are the 123,456,789 harmony parts, which are definitely the most time-consuming. Their work is then edited and sprinkled with magic in the form of additional production before mixing and mastering.

Berne feel that the songs in the EP represent them and their lives completely: the themes of the songs are a reflection of the books they read, the conversations they engaged in, the lifestyle they lead and ultimately the change they would like to see. “It was also our first experience producing our own music so we are really invested in these songs to the point that we even created our own sub-genre – Earth-pop,” Berne say.

Berne worked on the the singles individually between August 2018 and June 2020 but found that they work so well together both lyrically and sonically that they decided to collect them into an EP with an acoustic bonus track. On that process, Berne reveal: “We released the first single ‘Oceans’ in September 2019, which was followed by ‘To The Lions’ in March 2020 and ‘Stay’ in May 2020.” In fact, Berne wanted to collect these singles together with ‘Heat’ into an EP and thought it fitting to tie up the project a year after they started it.

Berne would be lying if they didn’t say that all the songs on the EP had a special place in their hearts. But, because ‘Heat’ is the newest track and a beautiful call-to-arms for the climate emergency in its own right, they encourage everybody to listen to it. “And then listen to Stay, and to To The Lions (my personal favourite) and to Oceans (both versions) – very cheeky, I’m aware!” they continue.

As well as working on their debut EP, Berne have decided to replace their dirty old website with a Low Impact Website. One that is 100% powered by on-site solar energy, atmospheric air, and water cooling in California. Everything about their website is designed and implemented in a way that keeps energy consumption to the minimum and shares Berne with the world without harming it.

“We are doing away with data-heavy elements like images and videos as we have found that all of this tremendously reduces data transfers and consequently energy consumption,” Berne explain on the change. “We are on a mission to get as many artist websites converted into low impact websites as possible!” 1 low impact website is insignificant on its own, but multiply that by 500 and collectively Berne would have made a real difference. “So our next chapter will very much revolve around this, whilst taking some time and space to write more music,” Berne conclude in our chat.

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