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Dasha is a twenty year old artist and songwriter living in California. She is also an advocate for equality among all humans and environmental concerns. 2020, so far, has been all about new beginnings creatively with her artistry and music, but also in her personal life and community.

“I have definitely been using quarantine and the current political climate to my advantage,” Dasha tells Eat This Music in our chat about her newest single. “I’ve never been so creatively ambitious and productive. There’s so much to say and for the first time in a while, there’s also enough time to say it.”

Today sees the release of Dasha’s newest single, ‘None of My Business‘, a song about walking in on your best friend and your boyfriend together. “The song represents taking the self worth and empowerment approach in dealing with a break up rather than crying about it and letting other people’s poor decisions affect you,” Dasha reveals on the story of her new single. “The story line is made up but the emotion and the sentiment around the song is from personal experience.”

When Dasha first brought the idea of the song into her writing session, all she had was the guitar picking pattern and the verse melody. Initially Dasha was seeing the song more aimed at calling your best friend but as she and her team kept writing, she didn’t feel it was very genuine, so the song naturally changed into the record you hear today.

“Chelsea Balan (co-writer) totally freestyled the “that’s none of my business” lyric while we were brainstorming melodies,” Dasha reveals on parts of the creative process. “I already had the overall direction and attitude of the song in mind before we even started writing it.” Dasha loves internal rhymes and cleverly composed lyrics, both which were a main focus on the track. In fact, Chelsea and Dasha wrote the song in less than two hours over a zoom chat. The record basically wrote itself Dasha assures listeners.

“All the emotions that ‘None Of My Business’ represents are based on my own life.” — Dasha on her new single.

Back in March, when Dasha and Chelsea wrote the song, Dasha was still processing a mini break up from the summer. “I hated how much this guy was able to mess with my feelings,” she expresses, “and this was my way of getting over it.” Dasha is very curious to see if that guy will know that the song is about him, however Dasha genuinely doubts it in the end. “Maybe his new girlfriend will figure it out for him,” Dasha adds.

“I think my whole team and I knew from day one that this would be the first single off my debut EP,” Dasha touches on why she wanted to released the song now. “It just felt right, the timing and everything.” Although, Dasha didn’t know how else to explain it, after signing with Quadio Records in partnership with Disruptor a few months ago, she and her team were anxious to put new music out.

At the moment Dasha is working on finishing up her EP, as well as writing and cutting the singles she is planning on releasing after the EP drops. “It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what’s been simmering inside my head for so long,” Dasha concludes.

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