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Mike Stocksdale is a folk artist out of California and recently he dabbled in a bit of hip hop as an outlet to learn new ways of expressing himself, what he did discover though was people were receptive to one of his songs titled ‘Build A Wall‘, which is essentially about urging people to view everyone as equals… while also hitting back at the United States President Donald Trump and his administration.

Speaking on the release of the single, Mike explains that he found himself wanting to write protest lyrics, but couldn’t find a voice for them in his folk/rock/singer-songwriter style. “Somehow hip hop became the perfect genre for my response to our nation and administration,” he reveals.

“I started playing this folksy bluesy version of “Build a Wall” live in 2019 and it quickly became a crowd favorite, so I decided to put it on this record.” The lyrics speak for themselves. They are blunt and political and urge people to view everyone as equals with different stories, not as lesser humans because they were born on a different part of a map with dissimilar upbringings. “The song calls out Trump for his crimes and inadequacies while turning his catch phrase, build a wall, back on himself,” Mike emphasises.

This is a fun song that not only offers Mike’s political take on the Trump administration – that some may believe is in utter chaos – but also an interesting perspective on an artist that can easily showcase a strong sense of story telling, with witty lyrics and light-hearted folk-y vibes.

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