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Middle Part is an Brooklyn-based indie pop artist and today he has released a new single titled ‘& Cry‘, a song chillwave, synth single about the conflict of meeting expectations.

Speaking on the release of his newest single, Middle Parts explains that the single is actually supposed to feature the story a very romantic plot line, but the single additionally explores the dark side of not being entirely there per se. “You want all these things, you think it’s great, but you’re mentally unfit to take it on,” Middle Part emphasis on the notion. “You don’t understand why, so just cry, it’s okay…I’m here.”

Coming off the release of the pop artist’s upcoming six-track EP ‘I Wish I Was Alive‘, due out for release in 2020, Middle Part’s ‘& Cry’ is not only a song laden with synth keys and guitar aesthetics, the song also showcases the intriguing vocal range of Middle Part himself, in the way he is able to emphasis the lyrics.

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