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“That’s a funny question,” Taylor Castro expresses to Eat This Music at the top of our chat about her new single. “I am Taylor Castro.” In fact, Taylor Castro is a human being. “I love many things”, she explains, “music, writing, acting, reading, eating, etc.” In fact, Taylor released her debut album ‘PURE‘ in 2018 and she is currently working on her two-part sophomore album ‘Girl, Afraid‘. “It’s something I’m very excited to share with the world and I hope they’ll be able to relate to it somehow”, Taylor explains.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of her latest single, Taylor reveals that ‘Be Ok‘ is about one’s relationship with their past and how it affects their future. “Fear, quite ironically, is actually sparked by our past traumas and the stories we’ve heard of traumas,” she explains. “We are haunted by our past and that, in every way, influences our future (especially if we allow it to).” Taylor wrote ‘Be Ok’ because she needed to hear that everything is going to Be Ok per se.

Taylor continues: “A lot of people don’t believe in happy endings, but that doesn’t matter because I don’t believe in their opinion. Of course happy endings exist! They’re just stopping at the wrong part of the story because, again, they’re losing hope. We’re creatures who somehow came to life in the middle of a galactic storm in an ever-expanding universe. Through all of that, we came to life. We came to life to wake up in the morning and have tea in the afternoon. We came to life to laugh and cry and read during recess. We came to life. We came from nothing. After all that, they’re going to believe happy endings don’t exist? That is hopelessness and there is absolutely no time for it when we have jokes to laugh at and games to play.”

“I’m all over the place. The past month was extremely challenging on a personal level, but I’ve been able to feel ok with the love of my family coming together.” — Taylor Castro on how she is doing in the current climate.

“The longer the pandemic goes on, the more it feels like it may never end. I, however, must fight that hopelessness. Hopelessness is the root of every unhappiness,” Taylor continues.

On the creative aspect of the single, Taylor wrote ‘Be Ok’ on guitar first, by herself, and in one sitting. She then played the phone recording featuring very bad guitar playing for a better guitar player and they recorded a demo. After that, they gave the demo to the producer, PJ McGinnis. PJ created a track for the song, Taylor gave feedback, PJ created another track, and so forth until Taylor and her team were happy. Then, Taylor recorded the vocals and they repeated the feedback process until it was mastered and complete.

‘Be Ok’ was really a letter to Taylor herself, but she wanted to make sure that everyone could relate to it in some way or another. “Most of my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is prompted by stories that instilled fear in me,” Taylor reveals to Eat This Music. “Therefore, I have a very sensitive relationship with my best.” Like with most of Taylor’s songs (unless they’re a storytelling project), the song is a direct result of that genuine emotion in her life.

“I made the single because I knew that, if I needed to hear it, someone else out there needed to hear it too”, Taylor tells Eat This Music on why she wanted to create the song. “Choosing a release date was difficult because I didn’t want it to seem pushy during everything going on,” she continues. More than anything, Taylor didn’t want it to seem like it was written specifically about current events, as a lot of early listeners were throwing out there. Though, ‘Be Ok’ is certainly relatable now more than ever on a global scale, as Taylor wrote the song before she was even aware a pandemic was on its way.

“I want it to last once the pandemic has gone away as well, of course”, she reveals. “For me, it come out when I needed to hear it most.” The beautiful thing is that, in the past week or so as Taylor’s family dealt with a tragic situation, she heard them humming her song. “It’s really a beautiful thing to know you’ve made something that can comfort your loved ones through a tragic situation,” Taylor tells Eat This Music.

Taylor filmed and co-edited the ‘Be Ok’ music video above during quarantine when she was still in Atlanta. “I don’t think it would have worked any other way,” she reveals. “It fits. I really think it does.” The music video wasn’t actually complete through, however, until she could see the chronological evolution of her upbringing. That made it all fit perfectly for her.

Music is really only one of the avenues Taylor has chosen to express herself through. “I don’t believe that anyone is ever tied down to one specific interest,” Taylor expresses. “Really, on a broader scale, I love words.” Songwriting allows Taylor to give those words movement and connect with everyone. “It’s always been something I love”, she continues. “All forms of art, however, are always potential avenues for me to express myself that I’ll never close off.”

Taylor’s next single is the complete opposite of ‘Be Ok’. It’s actually called ‘Coffee Eyes‘, and it actually started as a joke when she brought up what the anti-Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish would sound like. “I played around with a first lyric and thought “wait a second!” I’m so excited for it to come out,” Taylor tells Eat This Music on what she has coming up next. “It’s such a fun one and the video is my aesthetic coffee shop, steampunk dreams come true,” Taylor concludes.

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