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Today sees the release of Megan Anne‘s newest single, ‘Flavour of the Month‘, a song about a relationship gone wrong, where you were 100% in, only to then realise that the other person was just stringing you along the whole time – but a little bit more on that later. Megan Anne is an award-winning indie-pop musician from Ontario, Canada. “I sing, and play piano and ukulele, in a band that gigs regularly – or used to, in a pre-Covid 19 world,” Megan tells Eat this Music about who she is. “I also write all my own songs, and recently graduated from Seneca College’s Independent Music Production Program in Canada.

“It doesn’t feel like a choice,” Megan explains to Eat This Music on why she has chosen music as her outlet, “it just feels like a natural facet of my personality.” Oftentimes lines pop into Megan’s head in the silliest of places, and she feels compelled to write them down and sort through them later. Essentially turning her experiences into songs is how she sorts through her own emotions. “I’ve always said that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason is the creation of a song,” Megan says.

Megan is doing her best – all things considered – in the current climate, “I was lucky that a handful of the gigs I had booked pre-pandemic shifted to become online events,” she reveals. “Other than that, I’ve been focused on writing, and have done a few co-writing sessions via zoom that I continue to be excited about.”

Circling back from the aforementioned and going into detail on her single ‘Flavour of the Month’, Megan explains to Eat This Music that the song is additionally about thinking your friendship is important, and then finding out the person was in town and never told you. “It’s about someone who used to take the long way to get five more minutes with you,” Megan continues, “but a week later you’re going home alone.” However, the song is mostly about regretting opening up a place in your life for someone who only wanted to be there for a month – to get a quick fix per se.

“The first line that came to me turned out to be the start of the chorus,” Megan explains, “‘I guess I was your flavour of the month/But you never did like sweet things,’ I tried to work it into three or four completely different songs before landing on this one.”

This song was was recorded at Orange Lounge in Toronto, which Megan aassures, was such a phenomenal experience. “The energy of musicians who have recorded there previously had the whole room buzzing,” Megan explains. “And it’s an extensive list; Amy Winehouse, Lorde, and Shawn Mendes were the ones that excited me the most that day.”

“Oh, it’s completely autobiographical. This guy would water down his orange juice because it was too sugary for him, which is why I say that he “never did like sweet things.”” — Megan Anne on the release of her new single, ‘Flavour of the Month’.

“It’s just a 3 minute series of inside jokes I have with someone I don’t talk to anymore. Fingers crossed he never hears it,” Megan continues.

This song was actually written and recorded as part of a school project during Megan’s time in the Independent Music Production Program at Seneca College. “I was saving it for my next album,” she reveals to Eat This Music, “but with the pandemic cancelling the studio dates I had last spring, I didn’t want to sit on this song any longer.” All things considered, Megan is excited about it, and she just wanted to set her single free.

Coming up next Megan is considering releasing two more tracks before 2020 is finished, but she is not making any promises. “”Flavour of the Month” is my first release since my debut EP “Phoenix” back in 2018 and I want to give it some space to breathe,” Megan concludes in our chat.

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