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Fenne Lily is an alternative artist out of Bristol in the UK and today she has released the newest single to come off the release of her album “Breach“, due out for release 18 September via Dead Oceans.

Coming off that aforementioned albums Lily’s ‘Solipsism’, a song detailing the anxieties of a social media driven generation. Going deeper in to the meaning of the song, Fenne explains that a lot of situations make her uncomfortable — some parties, most dates, every time she is stoned in the supermarket. “‘Solipsism’ is a song about being comfortable with being uncomfortable,” she explains, “the freedom that comes with that.”

“If you feel weird for long enough it becomes normal, and feeling anything is better than feeling nothing. I wanted this video to be a reflection of the scary thought that I’ll have to live with myself forever.” Fenne Lily on her new single.

“It’s surreal to realise you’ll never live apart from someone you sometimes hate. Dad, if you’re reading this you killed it as shopper number 2,” Fenne concludes.

Many strong points in this single include the way the instrumentals glide the listener along for the journey, while not taking away from Fenne’s own vocals and the story she is telling lyrically and visually.

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