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“It’s my second project with the world getting to know me a little more as an artist,” Karolina Rose tells Eat This Music in our breakdown of her EP. “I worked on all the music with Elliot Jacobson in NYC.” In fact, ‘Rosemary‘ is Karolina Rose’s middle name.

Karolina’s EP cover is a collage of all the single artworks. Each song has its own theme and a color to fit the vibe. Rosemary is a visual work of four different aspects of Karoline. “The overall theme of the album is Love & Healing”, she reveals. “What else is more important in life?”

“Rosemary is an embodiment of who I am—my thoughts, inspirations and life experiences,” Karolina continues in our chat about her EP. “It was all once a part of me, but what parts did I let go of and what do I hold on to? Each song has its own story and thus I made it into a visual album, with each song connecting in that we filmed all four storylines on a 10-day trip to Croatia with two dear friends, Laura Escalante (art director) and David Millington (cinematographer).”


Greytopia is a moment on its own in this rosy, idealized land somewhere between the full spectrum of emotions, where inhabitants attain their highest selves and live their dreams, accepting the less favorable parts of life and rolling right by them. It’s all pink and bright. Inquisitive to whether this place could truly exist, it has some sarcastic tones. I wrote the lyrics to Greytopia on some loose-leaf in a Russian sauna in downtown Manhattan. I was feeling very dreamy and idealistic, maybe a little euphoria. I added guitar to it a few days later on my couch. I, then, shyly showed it to Elliot, he loved it and we started laying down the demo track that same day. Each song has its own kind of movement attached to it. Greytopia is more of a militarized view of movement—orderly, idealistic, utopian. We plow forward towards our dreams in an almost orderly fashion, supporting each other along the way.


The color red for this, Objection is all about tango and being intertwined in a love triangle. I happen to be a tango dancer and was generally very inspired by Shakira growing up. This song is quite sentimental to me. Before I even recorded my first original, this used to be my go-to song to perform at karaoke bars. I used to go after work totally sober just to sing. I adore Shakira. She’s an incredibly sexy, musical, talented goddess.

I just randomly started singing and rapping it for Elliot one day during a session and he really felt that we could make a nice tribute to Shakira while also making it our own. I’m happy with how it turned out and I still enjoying performing it now in my band shows :))

Runaway Angels

Runaway Angels is more ballet-inspired with a graceful, haunting feeling. It balances between this place of healing and a place of hell—running from a dark, painful abyss of memories that mostly only come up while you’re dreaming. This song is about PTSD, recovery, and finding love again. Victims of sexual abuse are the Runaway Angels. The song is for all the Angels on earth who have survived. We are here to protect them. We hear them. We see them. We help heal them. “running in my dreams”…. It’s like you’re channeling and experiencing Angels’ pains in the night. You’re coming out of your body in your astral or angel form on a mission to protect. It is protection against the pain of the aftermath, the PTSD. It’s the returning again and again of memories that you wish you could delete forever. You want to run away from it. The color here is blue for healing.

White Lies

It’s the little white lies that uncover the biggest lies. They build like little clues to the breaking point. The song references the water-bearer (Aquarius reference) uncovering the lies and washing them out in water. She is cleansing the lies and creating an equilibrium of purity once again. Besides water, there’s a running theme of White Horses that are all-knowing & all-seeing. They stand guard. The lies can’t get past. The blue-green represents purification, washing off toxicity and coming out victorious. The White Lies video has an empowered, freeform movement, akin to shamanistic, ecstatic dancing. It’s a ritualistic baptism where victims walk victorious. The video highlights the water jug as a metaphor for this cleansing process. I play the role of the water-bearer. It’s becoming conscious of something toxic, forgiving & cleansing it from your life and walking away victorious. The song was written from personal experience of uncovering the lies of someone I had been closely involved with, feeling initially shattered by the discovery and then the process of me getting over that in an empowering way.

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