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ARI is just an Idiot Grl, although ARI is actually a pop artist out of Toronto, Ontario. Following on from the releases of her singles “Cold War” and “Oh Well”, ARI has pulled together three other songs to round out her debut EP, which is now out independently through digital streaming platforms.

“I’m doing well,” ARI expresses to Eat This Music in our chat about her debut EP. “Currently in Toronto celebrating the EP release with my friends and family.” Upon the release of her debut EP, ARI feels like everyone says that it is “surreal” to have it out, but now she understands why there is almost no better way to describe the feeling of release a debut project.

“When you work so hard on something for so long, it’s a weird feeling when you finally get to present it to the world,” ARI expresses to Eat This Music. “It’s been a mixture of nerves, excitement, fear, and also relief, but I’m mainly just ecstatic for people to listen to it.”

ARIs debut EP, ‘IDIOT GRL’, tells the story of how ARI came to give herself that self-deprecating title, and how she then turned it into a persona that she now proudly wears: “From pet peeves that stem from being bullied as a kid, to the anxieties and insecurities that I still experience today, the EP is ultimately a raw look into all parts of me. Both good and not so complementary.”

“It was definitely a long time coming,” ARI tells Eat This Music on the creation process of her debut EP. In fact, ARI started planning her debut EP at the very beginning of 2020, but she had the ‘IDIOT GRL’ title and overall concept in her mind for years. “We were actually perfecting the EP right until the submission deadline,” she reveals, “I’m really lucky to have found a team of people that I work amazingly well with who understood my exact vision and helped bring the project to life.”

Every single aspect of each song on the ‘IDIOT GRL’ EP is completely true to ARI’s own life and based on past experiences she has gone through in her life. ARI explains further: “Seeing as it is my debut project, I wanted it to come from the most vulnerable and unfiltered place.” When people listen to the EP, ARI wants the listener to get to know the real her – even the unflattering parts. Honesty is something that ARI really cherishes and values, especially in her own music. “I think there’s beauty in sharing parts of yourself that you may not love with others,” she continues, “because it ultimately paints a picture of who you truly are.”

“I had been planning to release music for quite some time, and I decided that 2020 was going to be the year that I would pursue it as a career.” — ARI on releasing her debut EP.

“Of course this was before the world changed,” she continues, “but it was important for me to follow through with the goals I had created for myself.” In fact, ARI knew she wanted to share certain parts of herself as an artist, and this EP was the best way she could think to do it. “Especially since I’m still at the beginning of my music career,” she admits, “[so] I wanted to start off my introducing the real me to my fans.” ARI truly believes it is important to lift the veil and show people who you are: “I can only hope that people will love what I do and relate to my music in some way.”

“It’s a tie between two of my favorite tracks, “See Through” and “Idiot Grl”, ARI says to Eat This Music on which songs she would recommend to listeners. “See Through” is the kind of track that makes you feel powerful. When ARI sings it, she feels like a release of frustration or anger comes out, like when you want to scream into a pillow to just let things out. “Idiot Grl” on the other hand is the complete opposite – it is definitely the most raw and candid song on the EP, and the most relatable lyrically. “I feel like everyone can connect in their own way to some aspect of that song,” ARI explains.

“I have another amazing project in the works,” ARI tells Eat This Music on what she has coming up next. Actually, ARI is an absolute Halloween fanatic, so she thought it would be a cool idea to release a Halloween-themed EP this October. “This will definitely show a darker side to my music and visuals, and I can’t wait to show you guys,” ARI concludes.

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