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“Hello, it’s me. (Adele would love that one.)”, Tally Spear jokes at the top of our chat about her debut EP, ‘TALLY‘. Tally Spear is a London based songwriter, all about bringing a raw energy into her alternative/pop music, while also somewhat redefining genres a little bit.

At the moment in her life, Tally is still adjusting to this crazy new world and what it means for us all, but she assures Eat This Music that she is doing well all things considered. “This is my biggest body of work to date”, she reveals to Eat This Music, “so it feels crazy to have it all out in the open,” in fact, with the release of her EP, Tally feels great that everyone can now go and hear exactly who she is as an artist

Essentially Tally Spear’s ‘TALLY’ is an EP about self-expression and inner monologue. Tally’s ‘TALLY’ EP is all of Tally’s own inner musings. Thoughts, uncertainties, obstacles, the lot are spread out through the six songs. “This is a culmination of songs that have come about very naturally, over the last 12 months”, Tally says. Usually Tally will get a hit of inspiration following an experience, and she will then just whack a song out. One of the tracks ‘Oddball’ was a co-write with two other writers Tally worked with, and it is the very first co-write she has ever done or released. “There’s a lot of ‘firsts’ for me on this record”, Tally reveals in our chat.

“It’s a very ‘all about me’ EP [wink face]”, Tally enthusiastically expresses to Eat This Music when asked how much of her own personal life played in the creation of the EP. Although, while Tally’s EP is based on thoughts about her own life experiences, expectations, uncertainties, she is hopeful her listeners will connect to the EP in various ways. As Tally continues: “Finding a mutual understanding with others is what I’d love to achieve in this record.”

Tally had all six songs on the EP written and they are connected together as part of the same larger story. “I wanted to release them as a collection”, Tally explains on the overall number of six songs, “but they all stood out as individual tracks too.” Essentially Tally’s campaign for 2020 was to release the songs one at a time, every month until she had the EP completed for the full release today.

Speaking on which song listeners should keep an ear out for, is ‘Already Gone‘, it is a song that has a personal soft spot for Tally and it was a song Tally wrote first before any of the other songs on the EP. “It started me off in the right direction,” Tally expresses, “in terms of where I wanted to take my music sonically and lyrically.”

“I love the fact it has a powerful chorus that people can sing along to,” Tally continues on the single ‘Already Gone’, “but also very mellow, introspective verses.” There will be new music from Tally Spear later on in this year, “but right now, I’m working on putting some live-recorded versions of EP together”, she tells Eat This Music to end out chat.

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