Cali Rodi is an artist out of the United States and today sees the release of Cali’s sophomore single, ‘God Save The Queen, a song about finding strength in vulnerability, but we will get to the inner working of the single a little bit later down the track of this interview.

“Cali Rodi is your next favorite popstar. [smiles]”, the pop artist out of Los Angeles expresses to Eat This Music. “I’m hanging in there!” she continues, “It’s a rollercoaster of emotions every day, but I’m trying to focus on the positives.” Quarantine has been interesting to say the least for Cali. However, Cali definitely misses communicating with people in ways other than through a screen!

Cali has been hibernating for two years working on new songs, so the fact her new single, “God Save The Queen”, is finally out, makes Cali feel amazing. “Releasing songs is how I imagine getting a tattoo feels”, she tells Eat This Music, “once you get one, you just want more.” That’s where Cali is at with her career at the moment. Now that this first song off her EP is out, she just wants to get them all out there.

“I had a run-in with a drugged-out homeless man on the streets of Los Angeles about 6 months ago,” Cali expresses on the connection to her single. “He chased me, cornered me, and then pushed me”, she continues, “I had to yell and scream for help.” Finally, Cali pushed him back to get away. In fact, no one around Cali even looked up from their phones. Then, Cali got a parking ticket. “That day all I could think about was “for the love of god, will someone give me a little help here”,” Cali explains. “So, I wrote a song.”

Cali’s single has been through a few transformations, she reveals. “I drive myself crazy when writing songs because I’m the queen (no pun intended) of re-writing!” Going into details on the creation of the single, Cali explains that she had the bones of the song written with her co-writers Wes Singerman and Taylor Dexter, but they couldn’t quite nail the chorus she wanted. “After a few months of struggling,” she continues, “I hit up my frequent collaborators Melanie Fontana and Lindgren.” Melanie and Lindgren helped Cali iron out all the kinks and took the song to the next level! “It was also a very different way of finishing writing a song– we started this record right before the quarantine,” Cali explains “and ended up finishing it via Zoom on Easter!”

““God Save The Queen” is 100% autobiographical and something I NEEDED to write. It was therapeutic for me to write the song in a way that conveyed total confidence and strength because that’s the last thing I felt in the moment.” — Cali Rodi on her new single.

“I think right now times are tough, everyone is feeling like they need some help,” Cali reveals on why she wanted to make the single at the moment. In fact, Cali wanted to release a single that would be seen as something empowering. “God Save The Queen” feels like the perfect bridge between songs for Cali to release right now, and this is new single is a great reintroduction as to who Cali Rodi is as an artist.

Right now, Cali is focused on releasing a few more singles in the next few months building up to the inevitable release of her EP. “It’s time some of these bad boys see the light of day!” she tells Eat This Music, “I’m also working on new visuals and collabs as well!”

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