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Alexa Goldie is a country singer, songwriter from Kingston, Ontario Canada. She is 21 years old and has been writing, performing and recording professionally since the age of 12. Starting her career in her hometown, Alexa was the lead singer for 5 rock bands at the age of 10 and was discovered, signed and later flown to Los Angeles to record as a pop singer. Now 21, Alexa has focused all of her energy on becoming an independent recording artist and is patiently awaiting the release of her debut country EP, ‘High Road’.

“To be honest, at this current moment I am excited, curious, jittery, emotional and anxious”, the Ontario native tells Eat This Musics. “Releasing music in just a few days has me feeling a bunch of different emotions!” Alexa is anxious and curious to see what listeners will think of her new music and she is feeling emotionally vulnerable because this music she has been working on is special and close to her heart.

Alexa’s ‘High Road’ has been in the making for over 2 years, “I’ve been sitting on these songs and hiding the fact that I’m releasing new music for so long,” Alexa reveals to Eat This Music, “the response to the EP is mind blowing.”

“Honestly, it feels like a part of my story that I’ve been keeping inside is now out into the world!” — Alexa explains on the release of her new EP, ‘High Road’.

After releasing the EP and selling a few CD’s at Alexa’s parent’s trailer park, she put on a social distancing concert and when her team left the concert, she could hear campers all around the campsite playing her CD. That feeling gave Alexa enough encouragement and satisfaction with the time and effort she had put into her own project, “the love and support for this EP has been overwhelming.”

There are six songs on Alexa’s ‘High Road’ EP and each one tells a different story about something she has been through in the past two years. “I’ll give you a quick insight to each song anyway,” Alexa expresses. ‘High Road’, the title track is about the sassy ways I would get revenge if my boyfriend were to cheat on me,” the hook says that Alexa actually wouldn’t be rebel enough to do so, so she just chose to take the high road instead! ‘Hometown’ is about something I’m experiencing right now,” Alexa continues, “my boyfriend does not want to move to Nashville, which isn’t stopping me from packing up and following my dreams.”

The next song ‘Strong Enough’ is about leaving someone and walking away no matter how hard that may be; ‘Take the Blame’ is your classic breakup song but with the twist that instead of blaming my ex for his actions, I’ll let his friends take his side and just move on!” Then there is ‘Man I Built’, which is the most heartfelt or heartbreaking song on the EP Alex admits to Eat This Music, “It’s about the way a girl feels after she cleans up a guy’s act and the polished version of him ends up with another girl.”

Also on the EP you have “Not My Own”, which is the song that makes Alexa’s own mom cry every time! “I have been fighting to make my way into the music industry since a young age and this song tells the story of what my parents, friends and family gave up supporting my dreams,” Alexa reveals to Eat This Music.

On the creative process of the EP, Alexa explains that “this has been my favorite project to work on so far”, Alexa admits to Eat This Music, “because of the creative process!” All the writers and producers on this EP are either Canadian or female, which Alexa is very brought of. “First, I thought I was going to put a 3-song EP out but once my co-writers,” Alexa adds, “I started writing, there was too many to pick from!” There are still three other songs Alexa cannot wait to release that she originally wrote for this project. Although, half of the songs (‘Not My Own’, ‘Take the Blame’ and ‘Strong Enough’) were written in Nashville and the other three (‘Man I Built’, ‘Hometown’ and ‘High Road’) were written in her own home town.

Every single bit of my Alexa’s life played into the creation of the EP, she assures Eat This Music in out chat, including “experiencing heartbreak, to fighting with my boyfriend, to hitting milestones in my career, to making major decisions,” Alexa wrote about everything in this EP. “Let’s just say that if you don’t know my story or what my life has been like over the past two years, after listening to the EP, you’ll feel like we are best friends!”

“Out of all the songs off the EP, I would suggest Hometown or Not My Own because these songs showcase who Alexa is.” — Alexa on her new EP, ‘High Road’.

Expanding on the above statement, Alexa tells Eat This Music that Not My Own would give a first-time listener an insight to her entire past; “from being signed to an indie label at 13 years old, to my first heartbreak, to my parent’s giving up everything to help me push my career.” However, the other song on the EP Alexa would like you to have a listen to is ‘Hometown’, which would give a first-time listener a look into her life right now; “moving to Nashville, potentially leaving behind my boyfriend for my dream.”

“There was never a moment I decided that I wanted to make a 6-song EP,” Alexa explains to Eat This Music, “it kind of just happened that way.” After writing about 100 songs, Alexa knew she had to let people in on what she had been up to and what she been writing, “I decided to release it now because why not?” she expresses to Eat This Music, “I was originally hoping to release it and play gigs and festivals this summer and almost didn’t due to COVID”, so Alexa decided that releasing music right now made sense anyway because everyone is stuck at home listening to music.

“Right now, my sole focus is on this EP,” Alexa expresses to Eat This Music, “I would love for it to make it onto some radio stations or Spotify playlists.” Although, next Alexa will be moving to Nashville and working on gaining connections and writing with everyone possible.

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