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Andre Colquhoun is an African Canadian artist who was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. “I’m a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and filmmaker,” he says to Eat This Music, “I love the arts!” Andre assures Eat This Music that he is doing good though, considering the crazy period that we’re all facing at the moment with COVID-19. “Thank you! It honestly feels great,” Andre expresses on the release of his debut EP. “I’ve been wanting to put Short Term out for so long and to finally see it out, it’s truly a blessing.”

Andre’s EP, Short Term, is about love and identity, about finding true love and additionally finding one’s true self. The four tracks on the EP individually touch on the pieces of reality expressed through song. “The creative process was absolutely gratifying,” Andre reveals, “I had the pleasure of writing, producing, recording, and singing for all four songs.” In fact, it was definitely challenging at times for Andre but that is what made it even more grand for him as an artist and producer.

“Every song comes from the heart. Real experiences and prayers I’ve had.”
— Andre Andre Colquhoun on his EP, ‘Short Term’

Music has always been a part of Andre’s life and it is one of the many reasons as to why he wanted to use his God-given gifts. “I believe I got a great story and people need to hear it,” he expresses. “Without a doubt, my stories are other people’s stories and people will definitely be able to relate.” Although, Andre honestly does feel like now was the right time to share this project with the world and he is really happy that he did.

Andre finds it difficult to suggest only one song for someone to dive into in his EP, “All the songs!” he expresses to Eat This Music. “With You, Now, Awful Misery, and In Stages connect with each other,” he reveals. In fact, the EP is like a roller coaster! There’s ups, downs, flips, and turns.

Speaking on the visual portrayal of his EP, Andre tells Eat This Music that – just like the EP – it is a bout “Love and Identity”, as well as other components. “I want audiences to come up with their own meaning,” he adds. “Music, music, and more music,” is all Andre has coming up next. Oh, and film and TV he reveals. “Lots of that too. I wake up everyday knowing I have lots of exciting work to do,” Andre concludes.

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