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NOTE: This interview touches on mental health (specifically anxiety and depression). If you or anyone you know has a mental illness please seek support. Information to support services are located in the piece below. U.S. readers please click HERE & U.K. readers HERE for local support services.

ANNALIA is a pop artist and songwriter out of the magical city of Los Angeles, California, and she is here to bring you cleverly crafted lyrics sitting comfortably in a bed of organic pop. “All things considered, I am doing well”, she expresses to Eat This Music our chat. “With the current state of our world, it’s easy to get down on yourself but I have been pushing myself to find the silver linings of every day.” ANNALIA assures Eat This Music it has been very nice to have the extra time to focus more on her music!

Today sees the release of ANNALIA’s new single, ‘Professional‘, a song she reveals to Eat This Music has actually been a long time coming. “It feels so nice to have it out in the world!” she expresses, “I wrote it in Nashville in November of 2018 and have been waiting until what felt like the right opportunity to give it to the world.” ANNALIA hopes people can resonate with it as a whole.

‘Professional’ is a song about accepting one’s anxieties, feelings of vulnerability and choosing happiness over all. “It’s about living life to the fullest despite your frailties,” ANNALIA says. The song is meant to shed some light on the inner thoughts of those who struggle with mental illness, to help dismantle the stigma around it. “I worked with someone close to me (Natalie Albert) to create a positive affirmation that represented what this song means to me,” ANNALIA adds. That aforementioned affirmation reads: “I hold my frailties; I choose happiness.” I hope my listeners can take that affirmation and remind themselves of it when they need it.”

Revealing details on the creative aspect of the single, ANNALIA tells Eat This Music – as briefly touched on above – that the song originally started in 2018 and was written pretty quickly with Rikki Randall and Rian Ball. Explaining: “It was a gloomy day outside and my mental health wasn’t at it’s best.” In fact, ANNALIA remembers walking into the room and saying, “I want to write a song about my anxiety; about feeling like an outsider but choosing to set it aside and rise above it.” So ANNALIA and her team did just that. “I then took the song to my producer Dominic Florio and he made some extra magic happen on the track”, she continues.

“It [Professional] directly relates to my personal experiences with anxiety and depression, as well as my thoughts around how to cope with it.” — ANNALIA on her new single.

On why ANNALIA wanted to make the single, she explains that it essentially comes down to the fact she wanted felt like the song needed to stand alone and have its own voice, which it evidently. “I have been working on it for a while,” she adds, “to get it just right, and it is finally ready for everybody!” Deep down in her mind though, ANNALIA couldn’t be prouder of this particular song of hers.

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