Today’s delicious song of the day is ‘Kazbeg‘ by Sad Funeral – the alias of Adam Kane (previously of Cave Painting and Company). Following on from the releases of ‘Gone‘ and ‘Escape‘ in 2019 respectively, Sad Funeral’s new single sees him offer a glimpse into his music by way of positivity and instrumental progression.

Speaking on the release of the new single, Sad Funeral explains that he wrote the track when he returned from Georgia with his partner, “where I’d been visiting the village of Kazbegi”, he reflects. “It’s somewhere we’d often talked about going due to the remote and mountainous location.”

“The song isn’t necessarily about a break up but more about a relationship that is lacking in areas being put under the microscope.” — Sad Funeral on his new single.

The creation of this song was a tentative start for Sad Funeral, in fact, all of his hard work is at the forefront of what is essentially an atmospheric anthem reminiscent of those songs filled with beautiful layered harmonies and soothing vocals throughout; showcasing what the single is really about: exploring the confidence of an artist [Adam] finding comfort in their own skin and discovering their true calling.

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