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Baby Taylah is an artist out of Scotland and the last time Eat This Music covered the Glasgow native was back in November 2019 on the radio program when Taylah released her single ‘Reclaim‘, so it was great to have the chance to sit down with her on the release of her debut four-track EP, ‘Good Enough‘.

“I’m feeling good right now,” Taylah expreses, “a little bit of cabin fever setting in but besides that everything is going well!” Baby Taylah is really relieved her EP is out now. Telling Eat This Music, “it has taken around three years to bring it all together,” although, she is glad she waited for the release, “I’m glad that I waited to release it at the right time rather than rushing it,” she adds, “this is hopefully when the real work begins!”

Weirdly ‘Good Enough’ is a re-write of another song Taylor has called ‘Ode to Those Who Made You’, “which was written about my parents,” she reveals to Eat This Music. “I wrote ‘Good Enough’ as the opposite of that track, writing it as a warning to the future generation like I am a parent myself.”

“I get quite exhausted seeing how we have destroyed the planet and the bad things we do to each other.” — Baby Taylah on the release of her debut EP, ‘Good Enough’.

“‘Good Enough’ is about the idea of the afterlife, and forgiveness for how our generation and those before us have behaved,” Taylah continues. Essentially, Baby Taylah wrote the EP to be uplifting as it mainly talks about forgiveness, “but I hoped I could make a point with it, too,” Taylah adds.

Expanding on the aforementioned and going into details on the creative process of her EP, Baby Taylah explains to Eat This Music that she wrote this EP differently to how she had done in the past: “I focused on writing the hook lines first,” she explains, “then added music to them afterwards,” which meant Taylah could write down what she wanted to say and let the meaning of the song lead the track rather than trying to cram lyrics into a piece of music she had written.

“I write a lot of my ideas when I’m on the bus or train,” Taylah continues, “the notes on my phone has loads of hook lines written down which I always have a wee look at before I sit down to write a song.” Taylah believes this method is a good way to do it, “because I can go back and look at the way I was feeling on a specific day”, which allows her the opportunity to build on that instead of being stuck on how she feels at the time she sits down to write.

Baby Taylah likes to write about a lot of her own experiences in her music. Tracks from the EP ‘Reclaim’ and ‘Imposter Syndrome’ were written about Taylah’s feelings coming back to music again after feeling as though she had failed the first time around, “I think that’s why I love to play those tracks live because they’re really emotive for me,” Taylah admits to Eat This Music.

With only four songs on the EP, Taylah suggests specifically listening to the title track ‘Good Enough’, “the reason being it’s the main one people speak about to me,” Taylah explains to Eat This Music. ‘Good Enough’ is not Taylah’s favourite song though, “but ‘Good Enough’ picked up a wee bit of traction even before it was released.” Taylah explains, “people would hear it at my gigs, and as it was unreleased they’d come up to ask me where they can listen to it.” So Taylah uploaded the song as a private link and people were passing it about their friends before it came out, which was a really surreal feeling for Taylah.

“In all honesty I had taken time away for a few years,” Taylah reflects on why she decided to release the EP, “I was in two minds as to whether or not I’d continue to pursue music anymore.”

“I was living by myself when I was studying fashion as a departure away from music, and I had sent my mum an email telling her about my grades for college.”
— Baby Taylah on the release of her new EP.

“In the same email I’d told her I was working on my music again, and she replied back saying how pleased she was to hear about me going back to music because “it wouldn’t be you without it,” Taylah continues.

Expanding on the aforementioned, Taylah reveals to Eat This Music that it was one of the last emails she exchanged with her mother before she passed away about three months later, “I took it as a sign to go all out and try again – that’s when I finished the EP,” Taylah adds, “I still have that email in my inbox, and when things get really difficult I look at it to remind me.”

Baby Taylah decided to release her EP now because she had taken her time to get it right, which she thinks she has accomplished at this point. All the tracks apart from ‘Good Enough’ were completed a year ago. ‘Good Enough’ had taken the most time to finish Taylah explains, “we wanted to re-produce it to make it bigger,” she adds, “I only got the master back for it last month.” Once that was done, Taylah and her team were just excited to get it out that they pushed for a release as soon as possible.

Right now Baby Taylah is organising her live set to hopefully set up some headline gigs early next year. Taylah adds, “I am also beginning to write my next EP, which I hope may be finished by the end of the year!”

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