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Gillian Heidi is an exaggerated version of her 16-year-old self, the Boston-based pop artist explains to Eat This Music, “everything I write comes from a place of real and authentic emotion, but the stories I tell are not always the complete truth.”

“I often will take a feeling or story and blow it out of proportion. Though Gillian is a version of myself, she is definitely more dramatic, raw, and confrontational than I really am.” — Gillian on who she is as an artist

In this trying times, Gillian admits she is worried about the state of our world, “but I am so lucky to have all that I do.” Gillian acknowledges her privilege and all that she has, and she wants to do as much as possible to support the protests around the country and the people struggling due to the pandemic. “Isolation has given me time to be more creative and explore myself in ways I haven’t before. Though there are definitely difficult things about isolation, I think that we must look at the positive aspects of this time.”

However, Gillian is not here to talk about what is going on around the world, she is, in fact, sitting with Eat This music to talk about her latest single, “Static”. “I am so happy and excited!” Gillian expresses on the release of her single. “When we recorded the first batch of songs, “Static” was my favorite.” ‘Static’ sounds so different from a lot of the other stuff on Gilliam’s upcoming album, and ‘Static’ definitely has more pop elements than the other tracks.

“This song expresses emotions that I feel all the time, and I hope someone can relate to it.” — Gillian on her new single ‘Static’.

Following on from the release of her previous single ‘High‘, Gillian tells Eat This Music that the story about not wanting to go out with your friends, but not wanting to miss out. Static “follows my story over the course of one night — beginning at home not wanting to leave, and ending back where it began after an exhausting night out.” Gillian thinks that a lot of people experience the social anxiety that she herself does, so she wanted to create a song that explores those emotions and tell it within this four minute song.

“I started this song right before I was supposed to go out with my friends, and I finished it when I got home,” Gillian continues. Static began completely acoustic on the guitar and only when tracking the single did that aesthetic changed drastically. “The song became more electric pop, emphasizing the theme of the song. The production of this song really made it into what it is.”

“This song is one of the most authentic songs on the album. The story is almost completely true and it exemplifies the emotions that I was feeling at the time.”

“The lyrics of this song are some of my favorites from the album, and I think they really help convey the meaning of the song,” Gillian continues.

Going deeper into the aforementioned, Gillian tells Eat This Music that ‘Static’ not only has a lot of meaning to her, but the song is also really fun and catchy! “I am so proud of it, and I can’t wait for people to hear it,” Gillian adds, “my decision to release it now was out of pure excitement, but recently I’ve found so much irony in it. The fact that the song is about not wanting to go out, and now no one can is definitely a little ironic.”

Now that Gillian’s ‘Static’ is out, the Boston native can start working on her next projects, telling Eat This Music that she has “a couple more singles coming up soon that I can’t wait to release.” And as she mentioned above, “there is also an album coming! I am so proud of all of these songs and I hope everyone enjoys them!”

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