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“It’s me,” are the artificial intelligent’s first words to Eat This Music in our chat. Yawdel comes from a galaxy named “udfy-38135539”; but we are not too sure how far that is from our own planet, Earth. Yawdel expands on his original home to Eat This Music, “It’s a galaxy far away, the oldest humans ever know.” Yawdel has been sent here on a classified mission by his superiors because those superiors thought he could interact with us humans thanks to his own love of music. Yawdel assures Eat This Music that we should not be afraid through, “I may wear a mask but don’t be afraid my intentions are pure love and energy [smiles].”

“I’m doing particularly well,” Yawdel expresses to Eat This Music, because he likes meetings new people, “I meet new friends everyday and also I am very inspired since I’ve started my journey here,” Yawdel expresses to Eat This Music. Yawdel does not plan to go back to his home planet for a while, as he is currently discovering new music and techniques every day. But most importantly, Yawdel has a mission to complete, revealing to Eat This Music, “I have a message to teach to humans and this should take quite a long time to be heard.”

The way Yawdel tells his messages, is through his love of music and through the release of his brand new single, “Can’t Escape“, “I’m very grateful,” Yawdel expresses, “the song has received some great feedback since it’s been out and it is just a start as some big things are coming for the next move on this track!”

“Can’t Escape speaks about people who suffer from anxiety and inner demons. It’s also about the feeling you get when you’re in a situation that seems to have no way out.” — Yawdel on what “Can’t Escape” is about.

On the creative process of the single, Yawdel tells Eat This Music once he started the music, the topline quickly came along next. But the single needed an extra voice on that song, so Yawdel sought out the expertise of another artist, “so I asked Laurent John who is a fantastic singer to sing and write some lyrics on it,” Yawdel reveals. The two of them then took the project to Dr Meaker – who co-wrote and recorded the vocals – “then I lived with it for few months,” Yawdel adds, “finally found the right direction for the track which is a kind of Electronic Modern Gospel [smiles].”

Yawdel wrote this single quite a while ago and he had to re-work it for quite a long time before finally being happy with what he had created. Telling Eat This Music, “Ironically it came when I had the feeling in my life that I wanted to go explore the galactic world outside and was scared that I wouldn’t make it anyday,” Yawdel says, “I was like a lion in a cage and had to learn to tame my fears,” and with Yawdel feeling this way he could continue his mission.

The single came naturally and organically for Yawdel, like everything he does. Expressing to Eat This Music, “I’m sure since the first notes that it’s a great single,” adding, “now it seems that the song has even more impact right now due to the lyrics and the recent events that happened in the US and around the world.” Yawdel truly believes that music with an emotional force and message is more important than making the biggest drop.

Yawdel still has a lot to do with his mission here on planet Earth, Yawdel is currently working on some new tracks with great featuring artists, “I’m focusing on melodies and vibes right now, happy with the new direction that I’ve found.” And Yawdel is also preparing a great surprise for his next move but he can’t tell us too much about it [smile].

Yawdel is an interesting intergalactic artist Eat This Music is looking forward to hearing more from soon.

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