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Jemma Nicole is an eccentric, singer-songwriter out of Melbourne, Australia, who originally started out as a country musician. Jemma spends her time in her veggie garden, cooking vegan food, and drinking red wine. Occasionally Jemma may write songs and release them! As a musician though, Jemma loves pushing genre boundaries, In fact, genres annoy her in general.

One of those occasional songs Jemma got around to writing is her latest single ‘Ride or Die’, a song the Melbourne-based artist tells Eat This Music is about Jemma’s “take on a modern-day love song.” Jemma admits that she has never written a positive love song, “so I set myself the challenge and this is what comes of it. I’m super proud of how it turned out.”

“I have loved my time at home cooking and gardening and sewing and drinking LOTS of wine. It’s been a much-needed break.” — Jemma on spending her time at home.

“Thank you! I feel relieved,” Jemma enthusiastically expresses about her brand new single being out, “I have been holding onto it for a while now. It feels nice to share a positive light-hearted song right now.”

Jemma revels to Eat This Music that even though she “wrote this song in an hour which is rare” for her, this is actually her first new single in over three years – Jemma’s previous release being her 10-track album, ‘My Darkest Hour‘, in 2016 – telling Eat This Music, “I knew I wanted the song to have a rock n roll feel, and my producer Damian Cafarella really executed my vision.” However, Jamma’s new single, ‘Ride or Die’, is actually about Jemma’s partner, Jamma adds, “[laughs], ok… I wrote it about my partner *vomit face emoji*”

After Jemma’s hiatus of sorts, she wanted to come out with a song that sets the tone for her upcoming record. Explaining to Eat This Music, “I released it now because I had planned on releasing and touring in May but obviously due to COVID I had to reschedule.” So Jemma fought it would be a good time to share it now that restrictions have eased a little bit.

What else is coming up for Jemma Nicole? Well, she has a full record to release later this year, although, she reveals that “things are a little uncertain for musicians” and how “our industry right now” has been impacted severely. So Jemma will definitely have another single out very soon!

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