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Ro is a London-based artist/producer who makes pop music! And one of those pop endeavours is her third single, ‘low in the evenings‘, a pop song Ro tells Eat This Music in our chat is “about feeling a bit lost and learning to start again. I also reference nightlife / escapism which is a theme that I often write about.”

“Not bad thanks,” Ro expresses on how she is at the moment. “It’s been a crazy few months and the world is in a weird state right now but I’ve been using this lockdown time to be as creative as possible which has been a positive.”

“It feels great because it means I can start focusing on the next one!”

— Ro on the release of her latest single.

“low in the evenings” is one of those hidden gems that happened quickly for Ro, she explains to Eat This Music, “so I don’t remember what came first,” but what Ro does remember is that she “was up one night and got most of the demo down in one go.” Ro knew at the time that she wanted the single to be more punchy, “so most of the development was layering up the drums and also finding the synth sound for the chords.” Ro reveals to Eat This Music that she actually works best at night, “I like making music at night”, Ro adds, “as there’s something magical about feeling like the rest of the world is sleeping so that’s often when my best workflow happens.”

Going into detail on the timing of the release, Ro explains to Eat This Music that she actually wrote a couple of songs over the winter and she never thought about whether the songs would actually be singles but “when this one came along it felt like a good progression from my first two,” Ro expresses. In fact, Ro knew she “wanted something fairly upbeat but also sonically in line with my other tracks” to come out next.

The remainder of 2020 looks to be promising for the London-based artist – assuming things can get to normal soon – with Ro telling Eat This Music that coming up next she actually has another track – obviously, “The next track I want to put out is inspired by summer”, Ro adds, “I made it in lockdown so it’s very new. My production takes a slightly different direction too!” Stay tuned for more from Ro soon! As for now though, enjoy Ro’s ‘low in the evenings’, as it is a great addition to her arsenal.

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