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Ironess is a Melbourne-based folk driven, indie-pop duo made up of Issac Main & Kezra. “We’ve always admired one another and after gigging around Melbourne for many years as solo acts at the same venues,” Ironess tell Eat This Music in our chat, “late last year we decided to experiment with some songwriting together.” Ironess had no intention of creating a new project, but during their first session together there was an immediate songwriting chemistry and they wrote their first song together.

In fact, that first song together would become ‘Drive‘. “It was really exciting to write songs with another person and bounce ideas off one other and it was something we both really enjoyed and saw real potential in. It’s been like that ever since, really organic,” Ironess explain.

“Exciting!! We weren’t sure if people would dig our new sound as it’s quite different to our solo projects,” Ironess express on the new project and single. “After seeing such positive reactions, it’s almost like a sign and relief that we are on the right track and we are super pumped to release more music!”

Ironess’ debut single, ‘Drive’, is essentially “about doubting yourself and trying to take back control of the emotions you’re feeling when you’re in this constant cycle of creating art,” the duo reveal, and also “trying to figure out if you’re on the right track and just going for it.” Ironess admitted to Eat This Music that “Drive was originally written as a folk song, but when the duo “went into the studio it became an electro-pop song.” The sound is new for Ironess, but it feels so right for them at the same time.

The creative process for the single was pretty straight forward: Kezra and Isaac sat down for a writing session in Issac’s lounge room with a couple of acoustic guitars and they came up with that folky guitar riff and the rest of the music just flowed naturally. “Then we booked a recording session with our producer Mark D’Angelo from The Backlot Studios,” Ironess reveal, “where he added his electro flair and production skills to the mix to give it the sound it has today.”

“100%, we have both experienced the same feelings of doubting ourselves so it was just a matter of re focusing that energy into a song.” — Ironess on the relevance of “Drive” to their own lives.

“We thought it would be a really good taste of the new sound we created while paying homage to our folk roots,” the duo explain.

‘Drive’ is just one of the many songs to come off Ironess’ upcoming debut EP full of energetic Folk-pop anthems, that will give your ears a big warm hug; and in fact, it is an EP that is still in its finished stages. Ironess explain to Eat This Music on the EP, “At this point we have recorded a full EP but are still constantly writing music so if we feel the new music we are writing will fit, we might add to it.”

“Writing, writing and more writing”, is all Ironess have coming up. Although, they are starting to work on their live sound and getting ready to play shows again once venues start opening up. “We cannot wait to bring this to a live stage!”

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