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KERRIA is a singer/songwriter born in Israel and currently living in Gibraltar. KERRIA spent three years also living in the UK, having studied at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance London. KERRIA developed an enormous admiration for collaborating with different international musicians. KERRIA loves to travel and learn from talented people and gain inspiration from her surroundings, and recently KERRIA sat down with Eat This Music to talk about the release of her latest single, “No More“.

“I’m doing good, thank you,” KERRIA expresses about her current living situation to Eat This Music. In fact, KERRIA has been in quarantine since March. KERRIA has been trying to keep herself busy and positive during these difficult times, explaining to Eat This Music that she has “been learning new skills like jump rope, doing online marketing and music courses while also having online studio session via Zoom. So overall, I can say that my quarantine time has been pretty productive.”

Speaking on the release of her new single, “No More”, KERRIA tells Eat This Music that she had “managed to finalize the track during lockdown which I am very happy about.” Given the fact that the track was finished virtually makes it even more special.

“I was a bit worried initially as I’ve never experienced online studio sessions before. However, as a result this challenge, and experience opened my eyes to new opportunities.” — KERRIA on the release of her latest single.

“No More is about an abusive relationship which goes nowhere but south,” KERRIA explains to eat This Music. “No More” is a song that touches on a feeling when you are no longer capable of holding things to yourself. When “enough is enough” and it is time to stick up for yourself. No more feeling trapped in your own thoughts. No more allowing that someone put you down and not do anything about it in response. Having that will power to do what’s right and finally speak up. KERRIA adds, “The line “turn me on the radio” stands for being heard everywhere possible.” You are essentially no longer being silent, “you are no longer afraid to speak your truth and that someone who’s hurt you, will get the message whether they like it or not.”

The creative process for “No More” took quite some time to nail, KERRIA admits to Eat This Music, in fact, KERRIA wrote this song with a Ukrainian producer named Artem Pivovarov at the time. “Due to the pandemic and lockdown, many of my other releases were put on hold due to not being able to attend the studio. Having ‘No More’ as an “almost finished project” it felt like the perfect moment to have the song mixed and mastered in order to release it during these times,” KERRIA explains.

“To complete the song, we reached out to a UK based producer Andrew Kingslow. Andrew was able to transform the song giving it a new feel, making it more dynamic and uplifting.” — KERRIA on the creative process of her latest single.

To coincide with the release of the single, KERRIA used her time in isolation to its full potential by creating a music video, “the idea of doing a social music video project came during the pandemic when I understood that I won’t be able to shoot a proper video,” KERRIA explains, “having started a new TikTok account during lockdown, I noticed the number of trends and creative people on it.” At the time KERRIA became a big fan of TikTok herself and started to enjoy making content and even received good recognition on there. “TikTok pretty much gave the idea to make a music video with as many of their creative influencers.” TikTok is such a diverse platform with so many incredibly talented people that are willing to express themselves in many different fields. “This is why I wanted to combine their unique skills with a strong message of the song based on what’s happening today, and put it all into one big project.”

“I often get inspired by my surroundings during my writing sessions,” KERRIA adds. Although KERRIA likes to combine her personal experience with someone else’s in order to reach a relevant subject which touches many lives, KERRIA started writing “No More” at the end of 2019. “Having spoken to many people, I’ve experienced similar responds. Things like wanting to end 2019 and start the new year with a fresh mind. Including myself, I planned to start 2020 with a strong mind set and confidence, thinking that there is no turning back and no more fear of failure.”

“All those times that we were let down, feeling unworthy, and uncapable especially when comparing ourselves to others, we get anxiety of not being able to succeed.”

“Awakening to a new reality check, I’ve decided to stop spending my precious time trapped in my own negative thoughts and fears. I wanted to start the new year with self-loving and no regret,” KERRIA continues.

As briefly touched on above, “No More” was written prior to the actual pandemic and it proved to KERRIA how words can be materialised. Explaining, “The lyrics felt so relevant to today’s crucial times,” KERRIA explains, “It felt right to release it with the hope that it will brighten people’s lives.” Essentially KERRIA wants “No More” to empower people not to lose faith and not to be afraid to speak up. “We are all humans and we are in this together.”

At the moment KERRIA is currently continuing with her online studio sessions. “I’m working on a new EP, which I’m very excited about. It is going to be something fresh. I’m also planning to build my own band to create a new set so I could hit the road in 2021,” KERRIA concludes.

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