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Joe McLeod is a folk-pop singer-songwriter based out of Toronto, Canada. McLeod is the kind of guy who you see while stuck in traffic jamming out in the other car, but when you make eye contact he doesn’t get embarrassed and stop, instead it becomes a private concert for you.

“I am doing well at the moment, thanks for asking!”, Joe expresses to Eat This Music, “Isolation has been a rollercoaster.” Lots of Joe’s days are spent feeling motivated and writing songs, “while other days I find myself struggling to put pen and paper.”

“I am in the midst of building a home studio which keeps me pretty inspired. I think like most people, I am missing my friends but also understand the importance of social distancing.” — Joe on spending time in isolation.

Eat This Music had the opportunity to chat with Joe about his latest single, “Those Who Can Wait”, telling Eat This Music, “This song has become a testimonial in my eyes, good things come to those who can wait, and in our case, waiting in the form of isolation,” Joe reveals.

Joe has a new song out at the moment titled ‘Those Who Can Wait’, and when putting out a new song, it makes Joe feel extremely excited and also a nerves, as Joe explains, “because it is sharing something so intimate with such a large group of people. I love the feeling of releasing a song into the world.”

‘Those Who Can Wait’ is a song about relationships and the tendencies to grow and shift throughout life. “We all have people in our lives whether family,” Joe explains, “friends or partners who we eventually drift apart from.” Essentially this “song is a reminder to those people that if they ever feel low or in need, we are just a phone call away,” Joe reveals to Eat This Music.

Going into details in the creation of the single, Joe tells Eat This Music that this was a happy accident. “The day started out with myself and my friend / producer of this song Matthew Sweeney, getting together to start recording a different song,” Joe adds. In fact, Joe was a bit early and while he was waiting for Matt to set up some gear, Joe was playing around on the piano and came across the piano pattern and first few lyrics of the song. “As soon as he heard this, we dropped everything and began work on what would eventually become “Those Who Can Wait”. Although the song began as simply piano and vocals, it quickly evolved to feature emotional string movements.”

“I think with everything I write there is a certain degree of connectivity. When writing this song I was feeling particularly distant to someone in my life and could only reminisce about the time we spent together.” — Joe on the creation of his latest single.

From there Joe began to think about that feeling of always being there for the people that matter the most. Expanding on the previous statement, Joe adds, “two feelings combined to bring the story of this song to light. I do think about the long drives and the red wine and I am hoping other people do too, in their own way.”

Delving into the essences of the single, Joe touches on why he made the song, explaining how he “wanted to show the depth of which I am capable of as a songwriter.” This song is Joe’s only piano balled so far, “I usually am holding an acoustic guitar, I guess you could say I wanted to share something that people may not have expected.” In fact, Joe’s original plan was to release the song around this time anyways but once Covid-19 began, “I had to really reassess my plans. In the end. With all the uncertainty in the world, all the cancelled tours and distance from people I care about, I wanted this to bring a sense of normalcy.” This song has given Joe something to focus on and get excited about during these times.

Joe is currently in the process of recording both a collection of songs for an EP as well as starting pre-production on an LP Record holding some of his best work to date.

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