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Marie-clo is a singer songwriter, dancer, and actor from Ottawa, Canada. Marie-clo is also french Canadian; she learned english through tapes called “Hooked on phonics” in the 90s. Marie-Clo’s identity is very bilingual. Marie-Clo has also lived in 40 cities across the world for her work in the arts & other circumstances; she has many strange mismatched degrees; she’s an unapologetic tree hugger and lover of equality; Marie-Clo was kicked out of the Vatican for wearing shorts; Marie-Clo loves laughing more than anything. And, Marie-Clo finds ill fitting small wigs to be the funniest thing in the world. Think Kristen Wiig in her target lady sketches [from Saturday Night Live].

“It really has been a rollercoaster of emotions,” Marie-Clo tells Eat This Music about her current living situations, “I think Covid has been extremely positive in many regards, aside from the obvious destruction & pain it has caused globally.”

“I’ve felt grateful mostly but Im finding it to become increasingly lonelier and anxiety inducing. That being said, it’s important that we feel uncomfortable at times.”

“Problems that need to be addressed urgently stand out a lot more on a covid background; for example, the black lives matter movement. For things like this, I’m happy people are attentive and not distracted by our regular routine,” Marie-Clo adds.

“Thank you! It feels really good. I’ve been holding these words in for years. It feels like a huge release,” Marie-Cloe expresses on her new single being out. “Trophy wife is about my experience as a “hockey wife”. I was married to a pro hockey player and the universe I unknowingly stepped in was just so intense & strange. I could not have imagined it was this way. A big stressful, sexist party. This is my subjective experience, but obviously this isnt novel for pro sports.”

Marie-Cloe tells Eat This Music that sometimes there are songs that take you a year to write, others that take a day. “Trophy wife was written in a day. I guess some songs come from deep within and they’re already written. You just need to be ready to fish them out and admit this truth to yourself.” Marie-Clo had just moved back to Ottawa after her divorce and sat at her piano with a bunch of unpacked boxes around me. “Feels very movie like [laughs].”

“I had no idea who I was anymore but I knew I was no longer a hockey wife, and that was enough for me to move on and find out.”

“I think some music is written about others and some music is written about ourselves,” Marie-Clo expresses to Eat This Music. Marie-Clo started to notice a theme and a very cohesive evolution in all 10 songs she wrote in the period of creating “Trophy Wife”, which an album on the way, “I realized: “oh…I just wrote an album.” There were repetitive words, images & a proper timeline,” Marie-Clo reveals to Eat This Music. “That’s why my album Shell(e) is coming out in 3 parts. Trophy wife is on Shell(e) Part I, because Part I is a bit darker and happened first. ”

Speaking on the album, Marie-Clo will be released EPs in the lead to the release of her debut album in 2021, which all [EPs] will have different stories and purposes. “EP Part I is dark and painful. Part II is about healing and harsh truths. Part III is about emancipation and growth. I wanted them to tell their own story before being grouped on a full length album.”

Coming up next though, Marie-Clo actually has a secret project with another artist next. “We’re starting to work on this in the fall (if covid improves). Otherwise, mostly hoping that releases keep going well and that we get to tour with it in a post covid world.”

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