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Tia Gostelow is an alternative/rock artist out of Queensland, Australia, and the only times I have covered music from Tia Gostelow were back in October 2016 and May 2017 when Tia released “Vague Utopia” and “That’s What You Get“, respectively; although, I have covered her on the radio program on five other occasions between October 2016 and December 2018, so it was great to have the opportunity to chat with Tia Gostelow on the release of her latest single “PSYCHO“.

On spending her time in isolation, Tia tells Eat This Music that she is “doing well actually!” In fact, she has “been spending a lot of time with my family and focusing on myself,” Tia has “been a lot more active and looking after my mental health which has been great,” she admits. Tia is “really lucky to be working at the moment too so it’s been a nice chance to save some money for the first time in forever!”

Tia Gostelow’s “PSYCHO” is now out through Lovely Records

“Thanks so much! It feels really great to have it out, I’ve had this song sitting there for a while and it has gone through many different stages so its really nice to have the end product sounding perfect!” — Tia Gostelow on having her latest single “PSYCHO” out.

Going into detail on what Tia’s latest single is about, Tia tells Eat This Music that she “wrote Psycho about gaslighting in relationships and friendships as it seemed it be a prominent topic in the media,” which then made her think about her own experiences.

“We played some guitar chords for a while until we found the right ones,” Tia explains to Eat This Music, then she came up with the main riff that plays throughout the song.” The lyrics are really significant in this song, Tia explains. In fact, she “wanted the lyrics to be written in a way that every line kind of had an alternate meaning that was common in these gaslighting relationships.” For example one of the lyrics are: “‘Sorry that you think I’m the problem,” which Tia wanted “to put the word sorry in there because when I was in this situation, I was apologising for the other persons bad actions and it felt like I had to be the one to fix the problem when I didn’t cause it.”

However, the lyrics could be seen as a very confident thing to say, “like I don’t really care if you think I’m the problem.” Tia really thought about “these lyrics when I was writing it, the verses may be relatively short but I think they’re very meaningful.”

Tia’s “PSYCHO” was based around mostly her own experiences, revealing to Eat This Music that she “felt really strongly about this topic and at the time I was really frustrated and mad about what I went through and I really wanted to get it out in some way.”

“I was super honest and straight forward with the lyrics which is exactly what I wanted, but I wanted the music to balance out the seriousness of the topic which I think we did!” — Tia Gostelow on the relevance of “PSYCHO” to her own life.

Like Tia said, the song was just something she was thinking about a lot and wanted to get off of her chest! “I think it’s only getting released now because I really wanted it to be right, and I’m glad I waited to release it,” Tia adds to our chat.

Even with a pandemic, 2020 looks to be a busy time for Tia Gostelow and her team, as they are “in the final stages of finishing [an] album,” so Tia has “just been working on the visual side of the record.” The album cover and all of the content to go with it, Tia expands. Hopefully Tia will be able to see her band again soon so they can start rehearsing the album for a brand new live set!

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