Ainslie is a British musician based in Los Angeles, California, and she “has spent most of her time in the music industry playing bass guitar for other artists, including Charli XCX, Hailee Steinfeld and Hey Violet” just to name a few, so it is refreshing to see when an artist branches out on their own to tackle the big world of music without the comfort of support from others.

It has been a while since I last covered a release from Ainslie on Eat This Music. In fact, the last time I covered a song from Ainslie was back in August 2018 when Ainslie released her single “Grow“, which happened to also be the last time Ainslie released a single, so it was great to catch up with the Los Angeles native to see where she is at in life at the moment.

Speaking to Eat This Music, Ainslie revealed that she is currently tired [laughs]. “I’ve got square eyes from staring at my laptop for far too long over the last few days,” Ainslie adds. “Obviously it’s been a rollercoaster; avoiding getting sick, dealing with dull financial stuff, spending far too many hours scrolling to find toilet paper or hand sanitiser deliveries online (it’s a real problem here in the states)! However, now “that lockdown is becoming a new norm,” Ainslie is settling into the current situation.

“I could honestly entertain myself for months. I’m starting to relax and I’m so excited to spend some time writing music.” — Ainslie on spending time in isolation

However, this past week Ainslie finally released her latest single, revealing to Eat This Music how it feels “bloody brilliant” to have it out in the world, and how it has been amazing to hear the positive feedback from her peers, and this feeling has Ainslie itching to release more music as soon as possible.

Ainslie’s “Secrets” is about “an ex” partner she reveals, “like a lot of songs!!” Ainslie and her then partner were in a long-term relationship but this particular bad egg was leading a double life, with a secret girlfriend she had no idea about. This lead Ainslie to create the bases of a single, which started with “making a beat and building the track up in Logic“. Ainslie “probably spent a couple of weeks setting the top-line in stone” and she “eventually took the demo” to a producer named Adam Korbesmeyer during a trip to Los Angeles when Ainslie was still living in New York. “I had two extra days off after a tour and we got it done in just over a day. Adam is a breeze to work with,” Ainslie adds.

“The song is very autobiographical,” Ainslie reveals to Eat This Music. The lyrics are so on the nose; Ainslie definitely wrote the song that way knowing that many other people would be able to relate and hopefully feel some comfort and empowerment in the song. “I always think it’s better to write from experience”, Ainslie adds. In fact, she was determined to turn this once bad experience into something good. “This guy was a cheat and worthy of having every expletive under the sun yelled at him,” but Ainslie expresses that he didn’t deserve the energy that takes, revealing that it “felt so much better to take that energy and put it into a song.”

“There’s no better time to release music, than in a pandemic!”
— Ainslie on the timing of her release

On what Ainslie has coming up next, Ainslie reveals to Eat This Music she she has “got songs I’m eager to put out once their production is finished”, in fact, she is “also writing a lot for other projects—a separate solo project that will be a lot more indie and guitar driven,” and she is also working on a project with her friend Danilo, titled “Deer Heart”. Ainslie just wants to make as much music in this time as possible, explaining that she is “also launching a podcast, ‘Where Are We Again?’”, which will see Ainslie share “juicy what-goes-on-tour stories with fellow musicians and crew.”

“Obviously so much of this pandemic sucks—but if you’re safe and well, it’s like being given this golden ticket of focused time to spend on something”, Ainslie adds. She is trying to use it as wisely as possible and not to eat her body weight in cookies/pizza/banana bread during the process.

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