Ishani is a singer, songwriter and producer from the U.K., and the last time Eat This Music covered Ishani was all the way back in November 2018 when the Hackney native released her single “Stormy Emotion“, so it was great to catch up with Ishani about the release of her latest single “Unkind Vibrations“.

With the majority of the world experiencing isolation, Ishani revealed to Eat This Music that these conditions we are living in are not phasing her so much, as musicians are naturally attuned to self-isolation! Ishani has been self-isolating for years now and at the moment, she has been writing a lot, trying to stay healthy and work on his music.

Ishani told Eat This Music that her new song, “Unkind Vibrations” is about mixed feelings that she has towards social media. Social media helps us stay in touch with each other, stay updated on what is happening in people’s lives and how it can be very entertaining, but it also has a dark side. Virtual vibes and false connections are affecting everyone’s mental health.

“‘Unkind Vibrations’ is about a world of social media and subconsciously absorbing negative content that can have a huge impact on our mental health.” — Ishani on what “Unkind Vibrations” is about.

Ishani made most of this song in her bedroom, started with the bassline, and then started singing over that and added an old school hip-hop drum break loop. Ishani was working on the production of the song when she met Steezo at her co-producer Dan’s studio. Steezo really liked the track, so he jumped on it. It was just one of those spontaneous, music making magic moments, Ishani expressed to Eat This Music.

Ishani likes to write songs about things she observes in the real world and society. Ishani already mentioned her mixed feelings about social media above, so then there is also the fact that she had been seeing a lot of public figures like Billie Eilish and Stormzy distance themselves from social media. It was also sad to see how social media played a role in Caroline Flack’s untimely passing. Ishani feels like, before lockdown, there was an urgent need for more kindness online.

Ishani thought it was very relevant to release “Unkind Vibrations” now, given the current lockdown situation. Ishani thought people might be able to relate. All of us are living indoors, living inside our heads and our phones. There is also so much fake news out there and fear mongering and we are using so many apps to keep ourselves sane, calm and healthy, from meditation apps to apps that remind us to drink water to apps that help us get to sleep through sleep hypnosis or calming sounds to ASMR.

Although Ishani released “Unkind Vibrations”, she did have another single that she could have released but is going to release it next month. That upcoming single is called “Twin Flames” and Ishani revealed to Eat This Music that she thinks it is a great follow up to her latest single.

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