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Sherry is a Melbournian singer/songwriter/artist who is proud to be defying Asian stereotypes in the music scene. Her sound blends catchy Pop and R&B melodies with relatable lyricism that showcases her smooth, deep tones and powerful vocals. A strong-willed and self-assured woman, Sherry will not let societal barriers stand in her way of achieving her musical aspirations.

May 1st sees the release of Sherry’s debut single ‘Work on Yourself’, however, Eat This Music has the premiere of it for you right now!

Sherry’s debut single “Work on Yourself” is a song about encouraging people to go and properly work on their mental health instead of resorting to temporary pleasures such as drinking and hooking up to make themselves feel better.

“The song serves to remind people that even if you are stuck in this vicious cycle, you can get out of it and turn your life around for the better.” — Sherry on what her new single is about

Going into detail of the inspiration of the single, Sherry tells Eat This Music that most of the lyrics in the single were inspired by personal life experiences. In fact, when she was in Berlin during her French exchange travels, she met this drunk Frenchman who told her he had come to the club because he felt lonely. It was this encounter that inspired the core idea of the song. Sherry also drew lyrical inspiration from a couple of other clubbing experiences she had and some lyrics were just written with creative flair!

The creative process of the single included a great combination of collaboration and individual work. Using ‘Deuces’ by Chris Brown as a reference track, Dave who runs the Decibels Indie Music Program helped Sherry create a similar chord progression using similar sounds. Sherry then improvised vocal melodies over this in GarageBand and added lyrics to her favourite melodies. When Sherry started recording with Robin her producer, they jammed for twenty minutes, which culminated in a bridge and breakdown section that ended up on the final track.

Sherry graduated with a Bachelor of Arts after high school to appease the cultural expectations of her Chinese parents but realised quite early on that a career in music was what her heart truly desired. So the creation of this single was very important to her because she could finally do something that she wanted to do. Having said that, Sherry is very grateful for her university experience as this song never would have eventuated had she not gone on exchange.

“I wanted to make the single in order to help people in some way. I know drinking and hooking up to make oneself feel better temporarily is a common scenario and meeting the lonely Frenchman in Berlin only solidified this for me.” — Sherry on making her new single.

“It ignited the spark in me to write this song, encouraging him and others like him to work on their mental health instead of resorting to temporary pleasures that only satisfy the moment,” Sherry adds.

On why Sherry wanted to release her debut single now, the Melbourne artist explained that her initial reaction was to delay the release of the single due to the Coronavirus, however, she realised entertainment is needed now more than ever so she decided to stick to May 1st, her original date. On top of this, releasing it during a pandemic has made her reflect on the message of her song in the context of self-isolation. It has made her interpret it as the world giving us a break to take care of ourselves and our mental health. So Sherry thinks the song’s main message is still quite applicable in these challenging times.

At the time of the creation of her debut single, Sherry had recorded another song that was a piano ballad but she knew very early on she wanted ‘Work on Yourself’ to be the debut single. Sherry still distinctly remembers the moment she was in the studio when Robin had just finished putting the chorus together and she just exclaimed, “Oh my god, I love it!” As they continued working on the single, Sherry just vibed it more and more so she pretty much knew from the get-go this was the one she wanted to release first.

Sherry was planning to shoot a music video for ‘Work on Yourself’ shortly after the release of the single, but that will have to wait until the pandemic passes. In the meantime, Sherry is working on her next single. The backbone of the song is pretty much there, it is just about finding the right production for it now. For example, Sherry is currently working on a piano ballad version of the single as she tries to explore different production options. After that, Sherry is already planning to release a four track EP! So stay tuned!

Sherry’s single “Work On Yourself” is available on digital streaming services from May 1st.

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