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Lissy Taylor is a singer songwriter, born in Stoke-on-Trent England. She moved to Kentucky in the United States with her family when she was 14-years-old and began to write her own songs. Lissy Taylor started to perform at local venues and once she graduated from High School she moved back to England and started university in Manchester where she met my band and started performing at music venues and festivals across the U.K.

Lately though – other than self-isolating – Lissy Taylor has been keeping herself busy, in fact, Lissy Taylor recorded the music video for her latest single “Wildflowers”, and also recorded her next 4-track EP and is also currently in the final year of her university degree.

Today Lissy Taylor released the aforementioned single “Wildflowers“, a song about forgetting what weighs you down and allowing yourself the freedom to grow.

“It’s a reminder to let go of the past, accept the present and to work towards a better future. Wildflowers is an acknowledgement that you can be anything you choose to be.” — Lissy Taylor on the story of her new single “Wildflowers”.

Speaking on the creative process of the single, Lissy Taylor revealed to Eat This Music that she wrote the concept of the song first and once she had that down, everything else essentially came instantly thereafter.

The inspiration behind “Wildflowers” came from a train journey to Manchester Lissy Taylor took one day. Out of the window, she saw flowers growing from the platform walls and underneath the train tracks. Lissy Taylor thought about how beauty can come from the unexpected and how life can surprise you.

Lissy Taylor then thought that people are a lot like those flowers she saw, growing from almost nothing into something bigger and brighter. What was more significant was that the flowers bloomed in a place where it would be hard for them to grow. In the same way, some people become far more than what is expected of them despite challenges they face.

“So in a world of the unexpected, the question becomes are you ready for the challenge?” Lissy Taylor adds.

“I have a lot of other songs I plan to release, but it’s a journey. I’m excited about sharing this one for my second release.”

To coincide with the release of the single, Lissy Taylor released a music video, which Lissy explained to Eat This Music follows the central idea of being free is shown in everything from the use of movement, to the different locations to the blue sky. And unlike her previous single “Mayday“, Lissy’s new single doesn’t have a story line to it. In fact, Lissy Taylor wanted to show creativity, movement and living in the moment; which see has been able to achieve with ease.

“I feel that Skateboarders are free spirits who embrace life. I feel their resilience ties in nicely with the inspiration for Wildflowers.” — Lissy Taylor on the skateboarding element of her music video.

Lissy Taylor assures Eat This Music – and you to an extent – that the idea for the music video was the only original idea and thankfully the video team and the skateboarders at Projekts Manchester did an amazing job for her.

There is no stopping right now for Lissy Taylor as she has another two songs to release as part of her “Wildflowers EP” and then her second EP is already being finalised. Stay tuned for more!

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A transcript of my Q & A with Lissy Taylor can be found here.

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