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Eat This Music recently came across a music video from Josie Proto, a small-village girl, from the middle of nowhere, who accidentally went viral on TikTok and for some reason people seem to like her songs and that’s pretty cool!

Since the release of her debut single ‘BTEC Lily Allen‘ earlier in 2020, Josie has been working super hard on new music. In fact, she released her brand new – second – single ‘Sliced Bread‘ and the response to both songs have been incredible, Josie revealed to Eat This Music in a Q&A.

Josie told Eat This Music that her brand new single ‘Sliced Bread’ is mostly about being a messy person and that it is essentially touches on unconventionally dealing with a breakup, how to laugh at yourself and your own misfortune (something Josie is technically a professional at), and ultimately about not crying into your pillow and burning photos of your ex-partner!

Josie was 16-years-old when she wrote ‘Sliced Bread’, and it was really important for her to capture that rebellious teenager’s bedroom. Josie and her producer decided to incorporate gameboy-esque sounds, which add a sense of youth to the single, and also toy pianos to evoke the same childish imagery that the song’s lyrics suggest.

‘Sliced Bread’ always seemed to be the song that people remember Josie for when she did gigs locally. After so many, it was the song people started to learn the lyrics to and it was one of the first songs she wrote as an artist, it seemed natural for ‘Sliced Bread’ to be one of the first songs she released.

On why Josie wanted to release her new single now, she expressed that her debut single ‘BTEC Lily Allen’ came as a surprise after it went a little bit viral on TikTok, and she felt like it was time to show people the music she had been working so hard on. It also seemed like ‘Sliced Bread’ was a now-or-never type of song. Josie’s songwriting, like anything, is growing as she grows and learns, and ‘Sliced Bread’ is a representation of Josie’s teen years.

Although Josie released ‘Sliced Bread’ second chronologically, it was actually always supposed to be her first release, but when ‘BTEC Lily Allen’ did so well on TikTok, she and her team decided to record and release that song first. So ‘BTEC Lily Allen’ was never actually on the cards initially, but the people spoke, and Josie listened, and ultimately made the right choice.

On the visuals of ‘Sliced Bread’, Josie really tried to keep them lighthearted and silly, as evident in the carefree imagery and tone of the overall presentation. Similar to the production, Josie’s team wanted to capture her 16-year-old self and Josie had an amazing team that helped her do so to achieve what she wanted to represent visually.

Josie and her team had barely any budget for the video, so they found the washing machine on an online marketplace for free and she roped in her very own sisters for help with the costume and makeup. Josie and her team had such a good time on set while filming that they feel like it comes through in the video – which it ultimately does with easy, and to be honest, there is nothing like having six loaves of bread lobbed at your face as a way to tell a story!

Expanding on the aforementioned, if Josie had all the money in the world, she revealed to Eat This Music that she would have really liked to have a full washing machine dance choreographed by Ru Paul, featuring Beyonce and Ariana Grande as her friends down the pub and Harry Styles as the ex-boyfriend she couldn’t get over. Josie can dream, right?

If ‘Sliced Bread’ is anything to go by, Josie has a bright future within the music industry, and 2020 looks to be a better time than any for Josie to continue to grow. In fact, Josie has some pretty cool music releases coming soon and some Lockdown antics that she is taking part in, such as #TheTakeover Festival by Right Chord Music on the 10th May.

Josie is looking forward to the festival and she is honoured to be supporting an incredible charity like Nordoff Robbins, who fund and organise music therapy across the nation, and who change lives daily.

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