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Margø is a Canadian musician and songwriter creating music under the artist name margø! She has been surrounded by music her entire life, and often finds inspiration from the rock music she listened to throughout her upbringing. margø has an immense appreciation for music’s ability to bring people together, and loves that music is this beautiful universal language we all speak. margø’s love of music led her to want to create her own – and margø always wanted to write music with a purpose. margø tried to embody that purpose by writing songs with the themes of self worth, empowerment, and the importance of loving oneself.

Following on from the release of her single ‘Someday‘ in 2019, margø took the time to chat to Eat This Music about the release of her debut music video for “In Between“, a song about becoming self-aware in a toxic situation, and deciding to take back your power. The song is an anthem for the individuals who are feeling taken for granted – and is meant to help them realize that they ARE enough, they always have been enough, and they are stronger than they give themselves credit for.

margø’s music always stems from real situations or feeling that she has experienced in her life – so margø’s music can be quite personal. However, margø always tries to write music in a way that allows the listener to hopefully connect or relate to her words.

“This song wrote itself in a way – it was one of the first songs I created for this project, and it allowed me to express a lot of feelings that I had been holding in. I worked with producers Robbie Townsend and Randor Lin, and they did an incredible job of bringing this song to life.” — margø on the creation of her new single.

Speaking on the production of her debut music video above, margø worked with filmmaker Michael B MacDonald, and Michael elevated this song to another level with the visuals. margø and Michael were able to film the majority of the video in the basement of a historic building as well as a beautiful movie theatre – and those settings really fit perfectly with the surrealist/nightmare concept margø and Michael were aiming for. margø had so much fun shooting it, and working with a makeup artist to get the creepy whiteout look was definitely a highlight for the Canadian artist.

margø initially met Michael after he had listened to her debut solo single ‘In Between’ for the first time, and Michael immediately had so many ideas for the video, so the two connected. margø wanted to keep darker themes throughout the video, and they landed on trying to tell the story of ‘In Between’ through the lens of an increasingly disorienting nightmare – inspired by chorus lyrics like “I feel like I’m losing my mind”.

The visuals went above and beyond the expectations of what margø thought her first ever music video as an independent artist would be. Michael put so much care and effort into the creation of this video, and margø is so proud of the final product. margø feels like the video perfectly embodies the feel of the song.

margø went into this project with a pretty open mind, and felt that the filmmaker and she were on the same page for most of the concepts of this video. If anything, margø had always felt that some portion of this song deserved visuals with a retro vibe – and was so happy to have the 1920’s style visuals incorporated into the video.

The creation of this single has always been incredibly important for margø, in fact, the message behind it has always held a lot of meaning for her. margø felt like writing this song was a very important thing for her to do, as it allowed her to express a lot of feelings that she had been holding onto for a very long time.

margø’s ‘In Between’ was her first ever release as a solo artist, and its message has resonated with so many people. margø felt like there was no better choice than to put a story behind the song that began her journey as an artist.

margø chose to release the music video now because she wanted to provide visuals leading up to the release for her EP, and margø believes that visuals are an important part of storytelling alongside music, and wanted to start with the song that began her journey as “margø”. Moving forward, margø cannot wait to share more visuals for other songs off of the EP.

Right now margø is incredibly excited for the release of her debut EP ‘Solo‘ on May 15th! And is so proud of the music on this EP, margø feels like it is such an honest representation of who she is as an artist. Following that, margø is also excited to continue to share more of the music she has been writing – you can definitely expect to hear more from margø throughout 2020.

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A transcript of the Q & A can be found here.

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