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FLUIR is a a Sydney-based singer songwriter, producer & DJ who writes feel-good dance electro-pop, and Eat This Music is a massive fan, and has covered her music on numerous occasions in the past: 12 April 2020, 23 August 2019, 3 June 2019 (interview) and 7 April 2017 – not including the numerous occasion on the radio program. I guess saying Eat This Music is a big fan of Fluir and her music is an understatement.

Since the last time Eat This Music caught up with Fluir, she has been keeping herself quite busy, in fact, Fluir spent the past six months studying music production and writing/recording her upcoming EP titled ‘Just Us’, scheduled for release later this year. Fluir also started up her own independent label Rola Door Records with friend and fellow artist Sparrows!

Following on from the release of ‘Higher Ground‘ in 2019, Fluir has returned with her first single of 2020 titled ‘Male Me Feel‘. Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the single, Fluir explained that at the time she wrote ‘Make Me Feel’, she was living in a new city, studying music production, writing and spending every spare moment going out.

Fluir wanted to write a song that captured that moment in time so she could share how she was feeling and make other people happy. This song is about wasting away your weekends and being genuinely happy.

“‘Make Me Feel’ is a reflection of how I was feeling at the time I wrote the track.”— Fluir on the creation of her new single.

On the creative process of the new single, Fluir tried to set aside time every couple of days to sit down and write, even if it was only for five minutes. ‘Make Me Feel’ was a result of an idea Fluir came up with when she sat down to write for a couple of minutes. Fluir came up with the pre-chorus first and then built the track around that.

This track is really important to Fluir. In the past she worked with other song writers/producers where they had creative input into her tracks. However, this time around, it is the first track Fluir released that she wrote on her own and it is also her favourite, Fluir revealed to Eat This Music.

“I wanted to write a song to share how I was feeling at the time make other people happy.”— Fluir on why she wanted to make her new single.

Since late 2019, ‘Make Me Feel’ has been scheduled for release in April 2020. A few weeks out from release the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide and Fluir was asked whether she wanted to postpone the release. The more she thought about it, the more she realised how important it is to release the track so that Fluir could give people something to enjoy and bring some light into the world.

Sadly Fluir did have an east coast tour booked for the release of ‘Make Me Feel’ (which was postponed for obvious reasons), however people are still streaming and listening to Fluir’s music during this time and she also just wanted to release the track out into the world at last.

‘Make Me Feel’ has always been the first single to Fluir. She does have a second single coming out in the next couple of months off the release of her upcoming EP, so stay tuned for that [smiles].

“Each song has it’s own story and feel, so there should be something on there for everyone.”— Fluir on what to expect from her upcoming EP.

While self-isolating at home, Fluir is currently working on establishing and expanding her record latnel ‘Rola Door Records’ and music production and she is already working on new music to release after my debut EP comes out!

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